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Cr Wilson

Cr Wilson’s letter to the ODT (22 sept) raises concerns that the stadium doesn’t have community backing. This us a valid concern, however her suggestion that if there is a silent majority we should use the phone number she provides and call the CST to book our 10 year package, otherwise excuse her for being brasses off.

What a disingenuous comment from someone who should know better. There is a difference between those wanting a new stadium, rolling up from week to week for matches or attending the odd concert, and having the ability to fork out a large sum of money for a yen year package. And if said packages aren’t snapped up she’ll be angry with you. That is not how I would assume my councilor to behave.

Poor criticism in the least.


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Redundancy meets stupidity

M van Zyl I fear has spent too much time reading and unfortunately believing the disinformation surrounding the new Stadium. Her letter to the editor ODT (8/9/08) beautifuly illustrates the old saying that if you repeat something enough people might just belive it. She threw up more red herrings(all of which have been addressed) than a juggling fish monger. Continue reading

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A letter a day, doesn't keep the wolves at bay

So the StS has reached a 1000 members, good on them. I hope they fail miserably and allow the other 119,000+ of us to enjoy the stadium. Continue reading

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