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University of Otago: Toga Party 2015 #video

OMG —fubar stadium (barely seen) has a use, plays second fiddle to Vice-chancellor Harlene Hayne dressed in hot pink, buffeted by excited teens. Watch.

Otago Daily Times Published on Feb 17, 2015
Toga Party 2015
First year University of Otago students head to the annual Toga Party at Forsyth Barr Stadium.


### ODT Online Wed, 18 Feb 2015
Hundreds gather at Toga Party
Otago University Students’ Association communications manager Tess Trotter said about 2200 people attended the 2015 Toga Party at Forsyth Barr Stadium last night. The event acted as a “test run” for the other events coming up this week and “everything has gone really smoothly”, she said.
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### ODT Online Wed, 18 Feb 2015
Comedy gig stands out from social haze
As part of O Week’s celebrations, a live filming of the TV show 7 Days will be recorded tonight at Forsyth Barr Stadium.
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Stadium: Out of the mouths of uni babes…. #DVML

Illuminate 2014 [eventfinder.co.nz]Paint party at Fubar

ODT champions the stadium using the local (primary school for socioeconomics and slant misconstrued statistics) A+ student president. Was she invited to write the column or is she a Farry Follower (the next best thing since ‘Our Stadium’, not sliced bread). Aren’t Terry Davies and Nick Smith close in the ‘make it work’ factory. Let’s do some research, aye~!

Forsyth Barr stadium is important to and popular with students, writes Otago University Students Association president Ruby Sycamore-Smith.

### ODT Online Wed, 16 Jul 2014
It’s here now, so make the most of it
by Ruby Sycamore-Smith
The future of Forsyth Barr Stadium is important to students. The OUSA represents just under 20,000 members of the Dunedin population and we are high users of the stadium. We see it as a great benefit to Dunedin people. The 2013 OUSA student survey of Dunedin facilities showed a very high satisfaction with the stadium. […] The financial concerns cannot be ignored. And some of the antagonism caused by the provenance of the stadium remains to be settled. Our experience is that DVML is working to ensure the facility is used. We are working with them as much as possible for our own events but also events the DVML team brings to Dunedin that have student interest.
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An obliviously astute and illuminated young woman.
Pride of the South.

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Stadium + Cull love = University of Otago + OUSA party

In which Mayor Dave Cull invites further civic unrest on city streets, this time during the 2012 student orientation? Come to Dunedin, get off your face, we’ll provide the venue and the music – but come to think of it why don’t we supply the alcohol as well?! No wonder student fees are going up next year.
Parents, keep your kiddies north?

Association president Logan Edgar predicted a “colossal Orientadium” to welcome back new and returning students.

### ODT Online Sat, 17 Dec 2011
Shihad heads ‘O Week’ at stadium
By Matthew Haggart
Several University of Otago Orientation events, including a concert by rock band Shihad, will be held at Forsyth Barr Stadium next year. Shihad is the first major act to be announced to headline the Otago University Students Association’s traditional start-of-year activities, billed as “Orientadium MMXII”.
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While Orientation events in the past have been organised mainly by OUSA, next year’s event has more of a collaborative buy-in from academic, civic and venue management partners. Mr Edgar was joined by University of Otago chief operating officer John Patrick, Dunedin Mayor Dave Cull and Dunedin Venues Management Ltd chief executive David Davies at the stadium yesterday.

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Meanwhile on the Union lawn, brainwash a student or three

“Haaii… come buy beers and a pie for lunch at the stadium anytime soon, guys!”


is down at tent city on the Union lawn for O week! Come down and have a chat to us http://bit.ly/bmyjy2

Huge big ups to Andy & crew for promoting the Forsyth Barr Stadium down at O week!! Thanks guys:) http://bit.ly/9b0E1h

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