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StS Easter newsletter

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Subject: [sts] Easter newsletter/Submissions due this Wednesday

Dear STS Members.

This is just a brief reminder to those of you who may not yet have sent in a submission on the stadium. Please do this now, as the closing date is next Wednesday.

The submission process is easy, and you will find instructions in our last mailout which has an already-prepared form submission attached. All you have to do is print this out, sign it, and send it in. Or you can make an electronic submission – see the DCC’s website. If you have any difficulty phone Bev at 4776861. These submissions are very important.

The momentum since the big meeting continues to gather, and it must be obvious to any fair-minded and objective observer that the signing of an irrevocable contract with so many issues outstanding is completely unacceptable (are you listening, Rodney Hide?). Meanwhile the stadiumites are sounding increasingly desperate, with ever-more –bizarre uses for the stadium being floated daily. The latest wheeze is to claim that the stadium is not a stadium at all, but, among other things, “the world’s largest marae”. Featuring at the new marae will be motocross championships, polo tournaments, and all-in wrestling (plus, maybe, the odd rugby match). And, in a further, and extremely ingenious move, the marae will double-up as a “cardiac rehabilitation centre” – presumably when the place is not full of horses, candlelight-carol-singers, skateboarders, and, believe it or not, swimmers! The Pope, unfortunately, is still not answering the phone.

No. We are not making this up. Check with the Carisbrook Stadium Trust (Ph 4792823), or just phone Mr Farry, who will be pleased to fit in anything you might care to nominate: hang-gliding, if you like, or organic gardening, duck-shooting, camel-racing, tiddlywinks – the big marae can handle them all.

Don’t forget the public meeting next Sunday, 7pm, Caversham Presbyterian Church Hall.

Thanks for all your efforts so far.

Bev Butler, and the STS Committee.


South Dunedin city councillors have been invited to attend the public meeting at 7pm next Sunday, April 19, at Caversham Presbyterian Hall, 61 Thorn Street.

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