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Dunedin’s stadium ‘burden’

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Russell Garbutt
Submitted on 2012/09/24 at 10:45 am

I’m sure Elizabeth will put up the link to Burden’s piece on RNZ Morning Report.

It was unbelievable. It would also have been humorous if it wasn’t so appallingly stupid. This guy is either a nutter, or doesn’t have any idea of how debt, debt servicing etc actually is. Mind you, Geoff Robinson should have been cringing at why his valid questions just got turned into corporate gobbledygook going forward. Burden is a fool based on this interview.

### radionz.co.nz Monday 24 September 2012
Morning Report with Geoff Robinson & Simon Mercep

08:41 New Dunedin stadium ceo not fazed by challenges ahead
Dunedin Venues Management, which runs the city’s Forsyth Barr stadium, welcomes a new chief executive today. (3′58″)
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