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DCC lacks impetus, AGAIN #infrastructure

DCC roading maintenance engineer Peter Standring confirmed the council was aware of “three areas of concern” in Malvern St where sinkholes had emerged.

### ODT Online Tue, 16 Jun 2015
Stream bank erosion sparks anger, fears
By Damian George
An angry Woodhaugh resident says he is “sick of being fobbed off” over an eroding stream bank he fears will lead to a major accident. Gaping sinkholes have emerged on sections of the street above the bank as a result of erosion caused by the Water of Leith, which runs parallel.
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DCC: Slip in service levels, why?!

ODT 30.5.14 (page 12) [click to enlarge]
ODT 30.5.14 Letters to editor Barnes, Cook, Morrison (page 12) 1

### ODT Online Mon, 19 May 2014
Councillor urges better standard of work
By Debbie Porteous
Parts of Dunedin are lacking basic maintenance and city council staff need to put pressure on contractors to improve their performance, a Dunedin city councillor says. Cr Andrew Noone, from the Waikouaiti-Chalmers ward, said the untidy state of roadside berms, gutters, ditches and creeks and an apparent slip in service levels were the main issues he heard about from constituents.
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Stadium construction site #Dust #AirPollution

While there might be less of a problem when the Forsyth Barr Stadium was completed, it was an issue with any construction site.

### ODT Online Thu, 21 Jul 2011
Dust from roads and off wheels gets blame in Dunedin air pollution
By Rebecca Fox
Dust from roads and “off the wheels” of vehicles is being blamed for much of central Dunedin’s air pollution. As a result, tighter controls could be placed on the movement of vehicles from construction sites. The Otago Regional Council studied air quality in central Dunedin during 2010 to try to better understand air pollution around its Albany St monitor. It found dust from roads and “off the wheels” of vehicles was a major contributor to air pollution in the area.
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Dunedin City Council contracts

### ODT Online Mon, 30 May 2011
DCC contractors in firing line
By Chris Morris
The performance of Dunedin City Council contractors holding $10 million maintenance contracts is to be scrutinised, amid claims the workers are literally spraying money away. Council staff, together with Crs Andrew Noone and Lee Vandervis, will meet Fulton Hogan representatives next month to discuss complaints about shoddy and inefficient work practices.
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