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What brand?

The $500,000 non brand for insiders. Yeah what she said.

### ODT Online Mon, 26 Jul 2010
Insiders invited to share city’s stories
By Nigel Benson
The Dunedin City Council will launch the first stage of its Brand Dunedin marketing strategy today. The “Insiders’ Dunedin” campaign is inviting residents to come forward with Dunedin stories which will “stimulate a sense of parochialism” and engage people. The subsequent stories will be placed on a website and used to promote the city in local, domestic and international advertising campaigns.

Dunedin residents are encouraged to visit www.insidersdunedin.co.nz with stories, videos and images, plus help identify the city’s local characters and “hidden gems”.

People can also write to the Otago Daily Times with their stories at PO Box 517 with “Insiders’ Dunedin” on the envelope.

DCC city marketing team leader Jennifer Hooker yesterday told the ODT that the campaign would be promoted throughout the greater Dunedin area starting today.
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