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University Plaza at the stadium

### ODT Online Sat, 15 May 2010
Plaza plans a mystery
By Chris Morris
Just what will the Forsyth Barr Stadium’s plaza look like? That is a question the University of Otago is not ready to answer. The Otago Daily Times contacted university property services director Barry MacKay this week, seeking an update on planning for the stadium plaza’s final design.
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What is purposeful dialogue? I’m not sure if the university’s communications staff are communicating anything usefully, lately.

Don’t ask about the fiasco over the pending public exhibition of the tertiary precinct development plan (aka ‘master plan’) – since when do communications staff know what exhibition curation and COMMUNICATION mean.

Furthermore, since when would a public communciations exercise ‘last for just one night’? Best ask communications staff how they arrived at that idea, for starters.

Did communications staff actually ask for a full explanation of the project brief and understand the work the exhibition has to do for public consultation before bulldozing changes.

Why are they MANDATING which authors/contributors and sponsor/supporters of the exhibition cannot have their logos displayed with the exhibition materials. Rhetorical.

Back to friggin’ business school for the lot of them at ‘communications’.

Post by Elizabeth Kerr

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Super ward at Dunedin?


### ODT Online Tue, 8 Sep 2009
Councillors vote for Dunedin super ward
By David Loughrey

Dunedin looks set for a major change to its local government voting system, with the city council opting for a super ward that will mean the four wards taking in most of the urban area get dumped. Councillors foreshadowed what they said was an eventual move to a single unitary authority for the city, with a merged regional and city council.
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### Channel 9 News Monday, September 7th, 2009
DCC votes to change the ward system

The Dunedin City Council voted this afternoon to change the ward system that will effect the 2010 Local Body elections.
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The Mayor recommended the change.

Does it help or hinder then, to know Michael Guest is already pitching fast and loose for the development of scenic sites around the city? (ODT Link)

He, the developer’s friend, obviously wants to stay on council. Should we give him the opportunity? Does he still want to be a mayoral contender?

These are the million dollar questions.

Yes, some development of scenic sites should happen but not at the mercy of shredding the central city further of its charm and vitality.

Increasingly, the main street is looking like (facadist) Dunedin disneyland.

More encroachments on our heritage city fabric are planned and in the wings, in the absence of a well-thought out master plan for the city.

Under Cr Guest’s watch as Chair of Planning and Environment we’re losing too much of value in the built environment – and the heritage strategy is turning out to be an unrequited farce.



### ODT Online Mon, 7 Sep 2009
Opinion: Buildings were expected to last
By Peter Entwisle

Do Victorian buildings have a use-by date conveniently just expired? It would be significant for Dunedin if they did. Some people are seriously asserting this.
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### ODT Online Thu, 10 Sep 2009
Opinion: City has no difficulty in ignoring its history

An awareness of history is the key to support for heritage buildings, Jo Galer of Dunedin, believes. The threat to a row of historic buildings in Princes Street shows how, despite the frequently regretted loss of so much of Dunedin’s early architecture, the lessons of our past keep being ignored.
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– Jo Galer researched the story of the Stock Exchange Building for her BA (hons) dissertation in history at the University of Otago.


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