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DIA signed up Intralot amid concerns about bribery and corruption

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Sunday, 2 February 2014 10:13 p.m.

Anonymous says:
Good old DIA — hear no evil see no evil. As they’ve demonstrated time and time again when regulating gambling in New Zealand they (the DIA) will bend over backwards not to connect the dots or attempt to expose the rich and powerful who place themselves at the top of companies and trusts. In this case it seems DIA accept the view that as Intralot NZ’s parent company chairman was not directly responsible for a contract with the NZ Government, then corruption accusations did not warrant termination or at least a briefing to their Minister. The chairman may not have personally written or negotiated the contract with New Zealand but he sure as hell benefitted from it — unbelievable.

### stuff.co.nz Last updated 05:00 02/02/2014
Gambling watchdog’s ‘scary’ link to Greek firm
By Tony Wall – Dominion Post
The Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) entered into a contract with a firm to run a gambling monitoring system despite concerns about corruption and bribery allegations engulfing the Greek chairman of its parent company. Documents obtained by the Sunday Star-Times under the Official Information Act reveal the department sought advice on whether it could terminate its contract with Intralot NZ if the chairman of its parent company, Socrates Kokkalis, was ever convicted. The answer was no. Kokkalis was subsequently cleared of the allegations and has not been convicted of any crime.

The department went on to sign a $35m contract with Intralot to build an electronic monitoring system (EMS) for New Zealand’s gaming machines. Despite Kokkalis’ name continuing to crop up in corruption reports in Europe, Internal Affairs later awarded Intralot a contract to build and maintain an Integrated Gambling Platform (IGP) to administer and enforce all casino and non-casino gambling regulation — without doing any further probity checks. New Zealand is the only place in the world where Intralot is involved in the regulation of the gambling industry. The department has spent $6.6m on the IGP so far.

Internal Affairs confirmed to the Star-Times the IGP contains private information, including police and credit agency checks, on more than 16,000 people involved in the gaming industry, and Intralot staff in Greece have access to it. The Community Gaming Association described that as “scary”.
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Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) – CULPABLE #pokierorts

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### ODT Online Fri, 26 Oct 2012
Trust audit labelled ‘a white wash’
By Hamish McNeilly
[Whistleblower Martin Legge] says an Internal Affairs audit is a “whitewash” after it failed to act on his material involving the Otago Rugby Football Union, South Auckland bars and a pokie trust.[…]An audit of The Trusts Community Foundation Ltd (TTCFL) was released last week under the Official Information Act. Earlier this year, the ODT reported the union had bought three Auckland-based bars and entered a relationship with the pokies trust, then called The Trusts Charitable Foundation (TTCF).

“At each change of ownership, it was looked at, and there was no evidence of illegality, and we had no reason to not approve the changes,” the [DIA] audit noted.

Mr Legge alleges that relationship – concerning the ownership of the South Auckland bars known as the “Jokers Group” – resulted in the union receiving more than $6 million in pokie grants from the trust between 2005 and 2011.
The Internal Affairs audit, which covers the period April 1, 2010, to January 31 this year, noted “the Department has undertaken a number of separate investigations into ‘Jokers Group’ and its ownership company over the years”.

ORFU general manager Richard Kinley said he could not comment because the audit concerned an earlier administration, and he had not read the released audit.

The audit also examined three Jokers Group grants given to the ORFU from the trust totalling $379,767 in approved payments. They were found to be compliant.
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