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City wildlife… DCC abandons duty of care

“The Dunedin City Council has nothing in its budget with which to tackle the potential feral cat population problem in North Dunedin. […] Council environmental health and animal control team leader Ros MacGill said her staff responded to complaints as they arose, but that there was no funding for an active control programme. […] Ms MacGill said there had been no recent complaints about feral cats in the student area.” -ODT


Heaven forbid DCC staff would look for work within their jurisdiction rather than wait for “complaints”. Talk of sick dog mentality.

In the central city DCC is putting little energy or resource into culling pigeon populations that nest in neglected buildings; creating havoc for responsible neighbouring property owners.

The councillors are OBLIVIOUS, despite a worthy submission to last year’s draft annual plan by local businessman William Cockerill.

We get the message. DCC would rather spend ratepayer funds on “hazardous projects” such as its in-house marketing team, low-quality event management (including RUGBY), horrendously-priced IT pirates (again, in-house), doing up South Dunedin’s main street atrociously and, oh yeah, STADIUMS (plural)… not all of which expenditure appears ‘whole’ to the public view via Annual Plans, Long Term Council Community Plans (LTCCP) and audited financial reports. Why.

Pest control should happen as if by magic.
A bit like DCC’s approach to debt management.

SPCA bears the brunt

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DCC budget savings

Let’s start a list.

1. Get out of Jacks Point.

2. Remove all directors fees from Dunedin City Holdings Ltd.

A debt of gratitude is owed for 1. and 2.

The trick is to never mention the stadium in cost cutting rounds since it is a premium asset capable of many returns, we’re told.

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STS v DCC: News at High Court (1)

### ODT Online Thu, 23 Apr 2009
Stop the Stadium has day in court
Dunedin’s bid for a new $165.4 million sports stadium turned into a rolling maul in the High Court at Christchurch today with a citizens’ group trying to stop Dunedin City Council signing the construction contract.
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### http://www.stuff.co.nz Last updated 13:26 23/04/2009
Judge swamped with stadium papers
NZPA Read more

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Hmmm, squander social housing for new stadium?

### ODT Fri, 10 Apr 2009
Concern at housing cutback plans

By Bruce Munro

A city council plan to get rid of its annual $1 million social housing building budget has concerned social service groups.

Read more online here;

Public submissions on the LTCCP close on Wednesday 15 April at 5pm. Go to Draft Community Plan.

City Council community development team leader Rebecca Parata said the public would have two opportunities to make submissions on the proposal, during the draft LTCCP consultation period and when the draft Social Housing Strategy was released for consultation in July.

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