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Why NOT…. the STV voting system

The following was posted as a comment on the Hope you’re right, Professor Hayward thread. However, WordPress autoformatting interfered with the original formatting of Calvin and Jeremy’s submission. Their paper is included here as a PDF file, showing the tables and formulas.

Calvin says:

In case anyone is remotely interested in the outcome of the forthcoming election, I felt it timely to revisit mine and Jeremy Belcher’s submission to the Electoral Commission after the 2004 event. It was an attempt to highlight the flaws in the ‘Meeks NZ STV’ system as adopted. In the event it failed. Now that we are faced with an eleven candidate outcome, I am convinced that any result relative to the wish of the people will be purely coincidental. However, if, as Mike Stk has said, I am on the wrong track then so be it.

Submission to the Electoral Review Committee (PDF)
STV: Meeks (NZ) – A Flawed Method For Use In Democratic Elections
By JM Belcher & CR Oaten
20 February 2005

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Hope you’re right, Professor Hayward

### ODT Online Fri, 13 Aug 2010
Vote splitting not factor under STV
By David Loughrey
Concerns the build-up of candidates for October’s election could split the vote of those challenging the status quo are unwarranted, University of Otago political studies lecturer Associate Prof Janine Hayward says.

“If you don’t want someone, don’t rank them.”

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DScene bumper stories

### DScene 4-8-10

Hillside group ‘on tenterhooks’ (page 3)
By Mike Houlahan
Hillside engineering workshop workers and supporters have an anxious month ahead as KiwiRail prepares crucial documents for its half-million-dollar Auckland rail contract – paperwork that may hold the key to how much work might be made available to the Dunedin workshop.
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Mayoral candidate (page 3)
By Wilma McCorkindale
Former Dunedin city councillor Lee Vandervis is having another go at the Dunedin mayoralty. Vandervis who polled second after incumbent Peter Chin in the 2007 mayoral race, announced today he is standing for the mayoralty in this year’s October local body elections. He has also put himself up as a council candidate.
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Stadium will be on time: Farry (page 5)
By Wilma McCorkindale
Carisbrook Stadium Trust chairman Malcolm Farry, under stern questioning at a meeting Monday, assured councillors the Forsyth Barr Stadium would be finished on time, on budget. Farry said rumours that the stadium was three months behind schedule were nonsense when the subject arose at the Dunedin City Council (DCC) finance and strategy meeting.

Dave Cull said the trust report was “manifestly at odds with reality” and he would vote against the committee accepting it.

Farry said the October critical path had now been superceded by Hawkins Construction Ltd’s critical path which would probably not go public to avoid nitpicking around deadlines not being met.

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New service in February (page 5)
By Wilma McCorkindale
Dunedin gets its new $28.8m kerbside rubbish and recycling service next February, with another four months before rates for the collection kick in.
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Talk: Dunedin on Dunedin (page 8)
Puzzling over drive
Letter to the editor by Bernard L Esquilant, Wakari
“…it is my contention that during the past six years this city has endured the decision-making of what must be the most inept civic administration in the city’s history.”
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Speight’s pride of the world (pages 12-13)
Dunedin’s best-known beer, Speights, has gone from near extinction to being New Zealand’s biggest-selling beer. Mike Houlahan reports.

Speight’s owner Lion Nathan employs about 40 people at Rattray St across all areas of the business, and is considering further investment in the city.

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Check out the photograph of Rattray St in 1911…
and the superb image work of Otago Polytechnic Art School photography lecturer Max Oettli

A century on (page 15)
New Hocken exhibition depicts Dunedin in 1910 and 2010
By Gavin Bertram
In 1910 there were a mere 440 students at the University of Otago; today there are almost 22,000. The gender split is in favour of women, whereas in 1910 they were a fraction of the student population. This is just one of the huge changes Dunedin has seen over the preceding century, a subject broached by the new 100 UP exhibition at the Hocken Gallery.
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Friday: nominations open for local body elections

### ODT Online Tue, 20 Jul 2010
Local body elections to be initiated from Friday
By David Loughrey
This year’s local body elections will begin in earnest on Friday, when nominations open for candidates for the Dunedin City Council and community boards, the Otago Regional Council and the Southern District Health Board.

An information evening has also been announced for intending candidates for the city and regional councils on August 2 in the Fullwood Room at the Dunedin Centre at 7pm.

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Are you on the ELECTORAL ROLL





Friday, 23 July
Nominations open
Electoral Rolls open for inspection

Friday, 20 August
Nominations close (12.00 noon)
Electoral Rolls close

Friday 17 September to Wednesday, 22 September
Delivery of voting documents
If voting documents do not arrive during this period, special voting papers can be posted out (phone 477 4000) or a Special Voting Booth will be available in the Customer Services Centre, Civic Centre, Dunedin

Saturday, 9 October
Election Day
Voting closes, 12.00 noon

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Again? Not again?

Cartoonist’s view – Tremain 28/6/10

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D Scene: Stadium WCs + new election candidates

### D Scene 23-6-10
Toilets overlooked for west stadium stand (page 3)
By Wilma McCorkindale
Liquids and spicy foods may need to be off-limits in the west stand of the new Forsyth Barr Stadium. It has no toilets. Dunedin Venues Management Ltd CEO David Davies said in a worst case scenario, Dunedin’s new stadium would have to bring in portapotties for big events.
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Davies declined to say how much money would be needed to relieve the problem. “We’re going to ask for as much as we can get…”


More candidates named (page 5)
Greater Dunedin grows this week with the announcement of another two local body election candidates in its group. Otago Polytechnic Associate Professor Dr Sam Mann and senior lecturer in curriculum mathematics at the University of Otago Lynn Tozer.
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Local Body Elections: Dunedin City Council


@10PARK Former ODHB chair Richard Thomson is standing for Dunedin City Council under the Greater Dunedin banner. http://www.greaterdunedin.co.nz/


### ODT Online Thu, 17 Jun 2010
Sacked health boss to stand for Dunedin council
Richard Thomson, sacked as chairman of the Otago District Health Board in February 2009 by Health Minister Tony Ryall, is to stand for Dunedin City Council on the Greater Dunedin ticket in the upcoming local body elections. NZPA
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Local body elections: stadium proponent out of the race

### ODT Online Fri, 30 Apr 2010
Cairns not seeking further council term
By Rebecca Fox
Otago Regional Council chairman Stephen Cairns will not be standing in the local body elections in October. Mr Cairns, who has spent three terms on the regional council, two of those as chairman, has decided to stand down to concentrate his “energies” on his role as branch manager of Colliers International, a commercial real estate consultancy.

He was proud of the part he played in the Forsyth Barr Stadium process and “would not have done anything different”.

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DCC concerned by Hide’s call for transparency if it means producing more reports

From the can you believe it file…

### ODT Online Fri, 16 Apr 2010
Hide’s call for transparency baffles council
By Chris Morris
A plan by Minister for Local Government Rodney Hide to force councils across New Zealand to open their books in new ways has been questioned by Dunedin Mayor Peter Chin. Mr Hide used part of his address to yesterday’s Sister Cities New Zealand Conference in Dunedin to outline plans for a new financial reporting system for local authorities. Under the new regime, council staff would be required to prepare pre-election financial reports every three years, providing ratepayers with simplified explanations of expenditure over the previous term and plans for the next term.

The move aimed to encourage greater understanding of council finances by ratepayers, who would then be in a better position to “put hard questions” to their elected representatives, Mr Hide said.

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Sister cities’ link lauded

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Election campaigns: Butcher doesn’t see the point of social networking with blogs or Facebook sites

### ODT Online Sat, 10 Apr 2010
Candidate groups may come to fore
By David Loughrey
With changes to Dunedin’s ward system creating a large urban ward for the central city, sitting councillors and new candidates are reviewing their options for the campaign ahead. Success in politics rests heavily on having a name that voters recognise. While that has always been the case, changes to the ward system in Dunedin this year will mean more candidates to choose from across a wider area.

Key election dates
> July 5: Enrolment campaign begins, election packs sent.
> July 23: Nominations open.
> August 20 (midday): Nominations close, electoral roll closes.
> September 17-22: Voting papers sent out, voting starts on 17th.
> Saturday, October 9: Election day

Last election spending
> Mayoral candidate Olivier Lequeux: $35,275 (unsuccessful).
> Mayor Peter Chin: $24,853
> Former councillor Lee Vandervis’ Open Democracy (five candidates, unsuccessful): $29,366
> Greater Dunedin (five candidates, three successful): Dave Cull: $10,605, Chris Staynes: $11,141, Kate Wilson: $8767
> Most councillors spent less than $5000.
> Deputy Mayor Syd Brown spent just $572 on advertising.

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Voting system heralds change

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ODT: ‘voters expect a frugal council’

### ODT Online Mon, 8 Feb 2010
Editorial: A spendthrift tendency
Track Dunedin City Council rate increases over the past 15 years and a pattern emerges. As expected, most increases outstrip inflation levels. Councils have complained about being saddled with more responsibilities, major infrastructure upgrades have been required and it is the nature of local government to spend more and more. Empires built on other people’s money will expand without assiduous and active watchdogs. But less obvious is the effect of elections.

‘the post-election prospects for ratepayer purses are bleak’

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D Scene – Election year annual planning

### D Scene 13-1-10
Action plan? (front cover)
The city’s annual plan is about to be drafted. What should Dunedin’s priorities be for the financial year ahead? See page 6.

New slogan (page 3)
By Mike Houlahan, editor
It turns out that Dunedin needs a new slogan. Certainly if an office straw poll is anything to go by the old one wasn’t working, with only two people aware there was a city slogan and just one of those knowing what it was. What this highly unscientific exercise did prove was that 100 per cent of respondents thought promotional slogans were stupid, and ripe for disparagement.

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Visions for council (page 6)
Next week Dunedin City councillors begin considering the early draft of the city’s annual plan. The plan – the spending blueprint for the year ahead – is often a contentious document, with a range of worthy projects battling it out for funding. All the while, councillors have to be mindful of balancing the city’s books – especially in an election year, when a big rates rise could cost votes.
D Scene asked three leading figures in the city for their views on what DCC’s priorities should be in the year ahead.

The council’s proposed harbourside plan change and revamp was top of the Chamber’s hit list…the Chamber believed the plan was not only “bad for Dunedin” but yet another expenditure item.

Council will approve the draft annual plan in March, and then issue it for a month of public consultation.


What if? wonders if D Scene is “Number One for Circulation* in Dunedin” as claimed in the advertisement on page 17. Deliveries in the inner city have been hit and miss for months…
*48,479 per issue. ABC Audit Jan – Dec 2008. http://www.abc.org.nz

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DScene – Local body elections, David Davies & Port merger(?)

### DScene 14-10-09
Cold deck (cover page)
Several hot issues face Dunedin in the years ahead, such as the stadium project, the future of the wharves, how to deal with the city’s waste and transport issues. But councillors are playing their cards close to their chests about whether they will stand in next year’s local body elections. See pages 4-5.

Vague elections (page 3)
By Mike Houlahan, editor
A year out from the next local body elections, it is concerning many councillors are uncertain if they will stand for re-election. What next year’s ballot paper will look like is anyone’s guess. The fear is that inertia means Dunedin lacks people with vision for the future of the city – which would be a sorry state of affairs.

Register to read DScene online at http://fairfaxmedia.newspaperdirect.com/

Candidates for 2010 elections emerging (pages 4-5)
By Michelle Sutton
Indecision has gripped Dunedin’s local body politicians, with large numbers still uncertain whether to stand in next year’s election. This week D Scene has asked the politicians currently stewarding the resources of Dunedin and Otago if they will be putting themselves up for re-election.

Superward appealed (page 4)
Dunedin’s “superward” has been appealed by six members of the public. Appeals close tomorrow.

Possibles and probables (page 5)
By Wilma McCorkindale
Most Otago Regional Councillors claim they haven’t given next year’s local body elections much thought and remain undecided on standing.
Standing: Sam Neill, Stephen Woodhead, Michael Deaker (tentatively), Gretchen Robertson
Undecided: Louise Croot, Stephen Cairns, Gerry Eckhoff, David Shepherd, Bryan Scott, Duncan Butcher

No conflict found for Cairns, office says (page 6)
By Michelle Sutton
Otago regional council chairman Stephen Cairns is a shareholder of Colliers Dunedin but has no conflict of interest, the office of the Auditor-General says. The official scrutiny into Cairns’ position was sought by the ORC chairman himself. The [Auditor-General’s] letter was dated July 30, prior to concerns raised by Crs Bryan Scott and Gerry Eckhoff at an ORC meeting in August.

The Insider: Big questions answered (page 10)
For love of the game
Welshman David Davies arrives in the city next month to manage Dunedin’s $198 million stadium. It is among other ratepayer-owned facilities he will be responsible for, as CEO of Dunedin Venues Management Ltd. Davies tells DScene of his love for rugby, why he’s backing Wales against the All Blacks at Carisbrook next year, and how he hopes to put Dunedin’s stadium on the same footing as Manchester Arena – Europe’s largest indoor arena.

Talk: Dunedin on Dunedin: Your say
Asking about salary by Gavin McDonald (page 9)
What is the salary of Welshman David Davies, head hunted to manage the Forsyth Barr Stadium?

Port merger discussed (page 17)
By Alan Wood
Lyttelton and Otago’s ports are in the midst of “quiet” discussions that could lead to a merger but any such argument will first face tough competition issues.


Previous magapaper editions:

### D Scene 7-10-09
Cairns investigated (page 2)
By Michelle Sutton
Otago Regional Council chairman Stephen Cairns has been investigated by the office of the Auditor-General – at his own request. Concerns have been raised by some in Dunedin’s real estate industry about DTZ’s valuation of Carisbrook Stadium, which DCC bought as a property package from the Otago Rugby Football Union for $7 million.


### D Scene 30-9-09
Ratepayers hold out (page 9)
More than 100 Dunedin City Council ratepayers have withheld rates payments because of the controversial stadium. DCC financial controller Maree Clarke says 71 ratepayers have withheld part of their 2008/09 payment in protest of the stadium, and so far 37 people have withheld rates payments for 2009/10.

News Grabs (page 9)
Delta Investigation
The Ombudsman continues to investigate DScene’s complaint against Dunedin City Council-owned company Delta Utilities. Delta wants to charge about $1200 to answer questions surrounding its purchase of 100 sections at Jack’s Point, near Queenstown. Acting assistant Ombudsman John Haynes says he has requested a report from Delta chief executive Grady Cameron on the issue.

Talk: Dunedin on Dunedin: Your say (page 11)
Powers-that-be have lost the plot by NR Middendorf, St Kilda
Dunedin ratepayers have been hit with a double whammy in stadium costs.

Council rates by Adriaan Jansen, Port Chalmers
I am disgusted with the Otago Regional Council. Last year I paid $82.70 in rates; this year $103.16. The ORC are the parasites of Dunedin. They have the gall to put the contribution to the new stadium as a capital-value based rate.

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STS owes DCC close to $10,000

### ODT Online Wed, 16 Sep 2009
Stop the Stadium to pay court costs
By David Loughrey

Stop the Stadium has been ordered to pay almost $10,000 court costs following its unsuccessful High Court bid in April to scuttle Dunedin’s stadium project.
Read more


Note how D Scene down plays the figure to $9k in this week’s edition…

Also, ODT raises the point through council counsel Frazer Barton about personal liability – a good question. People at STS have previously been running with the theory that personal liability isn’t an issue due to the incorporated society status. Hmmm.

We look forward to the STS extraordinary general meeting – right now, the STS objectives are the same as they’ve always been. There is no mandate whatsoever for STS to turn into a ticket running at the next local government elections, although the names are coming forward in evidence.

Perhaps “the names” should call themselves something else, and not attempt to take the STS membership lists with them!


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D Scene: The STS Special

The issue you’ve all been waiting for…

### D Scene 2-9-09
Ratepayers rucked (page 1)
The stadium’s cost to the average ratepayer has long been quoted as $66 a year. But it is $110 and could go higher. Barrister Len Andersen has analysed the figures and they make interesting reading. See page 8.

Tough task (page 3)
By Dave Wood, acting editor
The toughest task once Dunedin’s new stadium is completed will be ensuring it isn’t a millstone around the necks of ratepayers. The directors of the new Dunedin Venues Management Ltd company will not have a cakewalk.

Register to read D Scene online at http://fairfaxmedia.newspaperdirect.com/

A fight of highs and lows (page 4)
Dunedin maths tutor Bev Butler (54) stood down on Sunday as president of Stop The Stadium. She talks to Michelle Sutton as she contemplates standing for the Dunedin City Council.


Delta charge ‘outrageous’ (page 5)
$76 per hour – that’s how much Dunedin City Council-owned Delta Utilities wants to charge D Scene to answer this newspaper’s questions surrounding the company’s purchase of 100 sections at Jack’s Point, near Queenstown. D Scene has asked the Ombudsman for a review.

See Word of the week: highway robbery (page 11)


New candidates being sought for election (page 7)
By Michelle Sutton
Potential Dunedin city council candidates are being lined up to stand in next year’s election in a bid to dislodge current councillors. Stop The Stadium is already speculating on councillor and mayoral candidates.


Paying for the stadium (pages 8-9)
Dunedin’s new stadium will cost the city council more than $100 million, and the impact on the average ratepayer will be more than $100 per year – and it could go higher. Barrister Len Andersen, who represented Stop The Stadium Inc, has been able to count the cost. D Scene gives his breakdown.


Value lower: STS (page 9)
By Michelle Sutton
Stop The Stadium is claiming the value of Carisbrook is $4.5 million less than what Dunedin City Council paid in the House of Pain deal. STS has released Carisbrook Stadium Trust documents that put the value of Carisbrook at about $2.5 million.


Talk: Dunedin on Dunedin (page 11)
Your say
STS deserves respect by Lee Vandervis, Roslyn
Mayor Chin by Calvin Oaten, Pine Hill
Richard Walls by Peter Attwooll, Dunedin

Discovery Note:
We found a (public) notice for the STS Annual General Meeting.
Go to D Scene 19-8-09, page 36. Get out your magnifying glass.


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Stop the Stadium isn’t about removing councillors!

It’s all about style. Will members back the new leadership…

### ODT Online Tue, 1 Sep 2009
Members challenge new STS direction
By David Loughrey

Stop the Stadium’s new president, already under attack from some members, will have to convince two-thirds of the group’s membership before his new vision for the society can be put in place.
Read more

Elizabeth Kerr is not a member of Stop the Stadium Society Inc.

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