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Local Govt Online FOR RESULTS

Local Govt Online
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Local Government Online


Cull wins Dunedin mayoralty ODT Link

Dunedin City Council FINAL Results


Dunedin City Council 2010 Triennial Elections – Final STV Result (PDF)

Dunedin City Council 2010 Triennial Elections – Final STV Result (DOC)

Dunedin City Council 2010 Triennial Elections – Final STV Result Report(DOC)


14.10.10 Declaration of DCC Results FINAL just to hand by email:

Mayoralty Dave Cull is declared elected.

Central Ward Bill Acklin, John Bezett, Fliss Butcher, Neil Collins, Paul Hudson, Jinty MacTavish, Chris Staynes, Teresa Stevenson, Richard Thomson, Lee Vandervis and Colin Weatherall are declared elected.

Waikouaiti Coast-Chalmers Ward Andrew Noone is declared elected.

Mosgiel Taieri Ward Syd Brown and Kate Wilson are declared elected.

Southern District Health Board Results


@LGOLNZ Check out the Dunedin City Council results here http://bit.ly/bSc7AX #e2010

@LGOLNZ Otago Regional Council here http://bit.ly/dC95nP #e2010

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The time has come for biffing out

“We are now finding out if there is life after debt and just how much impact there will be on our daily business from the habit changes forced by painful debt withdrawal symptoms.”
Paul Hudson
ODT 7.10.10

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The new DCC is NEARLY here !!!

The long bow…
5.10.10 ODT: Chin hopes history will judge council in better light

The short straw…
5.10.10 ODT: DCC deeper in debt by $64m

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Elections: A quandary for DCC

An advertisement in this week’s D Scene has Lee Vandervis – contender for the Dunedin mayoralty – backing the following people for election to [his] council. He says:

CENTRAL WARD (after voting Lee VANDERVIS of course!)
Bev BUTLER – mathematician, gets the right answers
Dave CULL – good presenter, understands issues
Lindsay SMITH – deep understanding of people/administration
Jinty MacTAVISH – enthusiasm, energy, political awareness
Richard THOMSON – experienced dealing with bureaucracy
Olive McRAE – forthright idealist, good speaker
Aaron HAWKINS – sharp wit, fearless incisive speaker
Teresa STEVENSON – individual with heart, long Council experience
Andrew WHILEY – a good grasp of issues, realises what needs to change

Brian MILLER – sharp courageous idealist, does what he believes
Maurice PRENDERGAST – experienced insightful individualist, great sense of humour

Geraldine TAIT – stroppy experienced activist, knows what has been going on


[The Central Ward requires 11 councillors to be elected.]

People might not have given permission for their names to be used in the advertisement.

An awkward association for some?

We invited a ‘politico’ friend to have a bit of a play with the list, to see if he could come up with a possible estimate on council committee chairships (assuming the current committees remain). We don’t mind living in the realm of fantasy, on and off – it’s a “What if?”

His offering, with either/or options:

Lee = Mayor
> Chair of Planning & Environment = Brian Miller / Teresa Stevenson
> Chair of Finance & Strategy = Bev Butler
> Chair of Infrastructure Services = Olive McRae to fix the water
> Chair of Community Development = Geraldine Tait
> Chair of Economic Development = Richard Thomson?
> Chair of Hearings = Teresa Stevenson / Brian Miller
> Deputy Mayor = Maurice Prendergast

The end of civilisation as we know it.

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Elections: Local authorities’ representation

This thread has been created to absorb recent off-topic comments occurring in other threads.

The Editors.


An important message just to hand, sent to What if? anonymously, it says:

To Calvin, Peter and Russell

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Pre-election opinions on public transport and the stadium

### ODT Online Wed, 15 Sep 2010
Opinion: Transport system must respond to change
By Phillip Cole
One topic doing the rounds during this local election campaign will be sustainable transport. No doubt every prospective councillor will say we need a sustainable form of public transport for Dunedin – but how realistic are the chances of this happening? It is not just about transport. For sustainable transport to ever become a “fact of life” it needs to consider the urban form of the city – not just buildings, open space and roads, but the networks that link them and the activities that make people move around.
Read more

• Phillip Cole is a member of Sustainable Dunedin City and a resident of Dunedin.


### ODT Online Thu, 16 Sep 2010
Opinion: Pride over prejudice… please!
By Chris Skillett
The elections are almost upon us, and Dunedin is warming to the task of choosing who should act as its stewards for the next three years. Otago looks on. Southland looks on. And there is absolutely no question about what the key issue will be this time around. For all of us, almost without exception, the elephant in the room, which will be trumpeting loud and clear, will be the new stadium.
Read more

• Chris Skellett lives in Warrington.

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Electioneering in the ghetto

Signs are springing up in the most unlikely places.

Take this one on Saturday morning, 11 September, in the front yard of the historic turret house at 4 Pitt Street, Dunedin North.

According to Dunedin City Council the ratepayer is Pamela Marguerite McKellar, of Syke House Farm Holmfirth West Yorkshire, England. Not sure who manages the property in the owner’s absence.

Not long ago, a New Zealand Historic Places Trust (NZHPT) registration plaque was afixed to the gatepost at the entry to the property.

Dunedin City District Plan
25.1 Townscape and Heritage Buildings and Structures

Site Number: B427
Map: 35
Item: House
Address: 4 Pitt Street
Legal Description: Sec 75 Blk XXIV Town of Dunedin
NZHPT Registration Number: 5233
NZHPT Category: II
Protection Required & Comments: facades and bulk appearance to Pitt and George Streets, excluding the garage in front.

Dunedin City District Plan – Chapter 13 Townscape
13.6 Heritage Precincts
13.6.2 Royal Terrace/Pitt Street/Heriot Row Heritage Precinct (Precinct Description, pages 13:31 – 13:32)


Cr Dave Cull chairs the DCC’s heritage buildings economic re-use steering committee. A fusty committee name at best but the committee is doing great work.


Temporary though it is, a pity to see a hoarding in the heritage precinct.
Not a vote catcher. This could have been an essay in praise of natural backlighting.

[A further pity to see the new (permanent) buildings at 11 Pitt Street arrive by stealth (non notified application in the heritage precinct; no neighbouring long-term tenants consulted as affected parties by the developers) – who on earth would care about heritage values and amenity in a district plan protected heritage precinct… or privacy, density, car parking, noise, rubbish, shading, incomplete landscaping, a broken and subverted boundary fence, or… After all, what are “neighbours” to the Auckland property developers and their builder son wanting to cream it here on the back of affluent Chinese students. The “iceberg” isn’t pretty enough to photograph – but it’s right here too, in the heritage precinct. One more thing. Mayor Chin is the ratepayer for the Auckland developer couple’s current abode; and it was Mayor Chin that influenced the rushed consent without consultation of the affected parties. A much longer story not able to be published here.]


Election signage
The District Plan describes the rules around signs on public or private property. If your sign does not comply with the restrictions, you will need to apply for resource consent.

Election Signage Policy 2010 (PDF, 1.4mb, open in new window)

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Note: I haven’t decided who to vote for in the local body elections. Preferences will centre on a balance of issues as well as the best determination it’s possible to make on candidate leadership, experience, financial prowess and direction. Hard, isn’t it.


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Peter Lyons goes for broke, and if intending DCC councillors aren’t singing from the same hymn book they’re absolutely stuffed or not in the game AT ALL

### ODT Online Thu, 2 Sep 2010
Opinion: SCF collapse exposes NZ’s weaknesses
The failure of South Canterbury Finance once again exposes the glaring structural deficiencies in the New Zealand economy, writes Peter Lyons.

Adam Smith said, “there is much ruin in a nation”.

The failure of South Canterbury Finance is a stark wake-up call to the fundamental flaw in our economy. Our future prosperity will not hinge on welfare reforms or mining or compulsory savings or house prices. Our economic wellbeing will be determined by investing in productive activities that create saleable output and well-paid employment.

Our track record in this area is pathetic.
Read more

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