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‘I Find That Offensive!’ – recommended by Patrik Schumacher · Mar 25

Book by Claire Fox - 'I Find That Offensive!' - front cover [bitebackpublishing.com]BOOK PROMO [by tweet]

‘I Find That Offensive!’ (Provocations Series)
By Claire Fox

When you hear that now ubiquitous phrase ‘I find that offensive’, you know you’re being told to shut up. While the terrible murder of the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists demonstrated that those who offend can face the most brutal form of censorship, it also served only to intensify the pre-existing climate that dictates we all have to walk on eggshells to avoid saying anything offensive – or else.

Indeed, competitive offence-claiming is ratcheting up well beyond religious sensibilities. So, while Islamists and feminists may seem to have little in common, they are both united in demanding retribution in the form of bans, penalties and censorship of those who hurt their feelings.

But how did we become so thin-skinned? In ‘I Find That Offensive!’ Claire Fox addresses the possible causes of what is fast becoming known as ‘Generation Snowflake’ head-on (no ‘safe spaces’ here) in a call to toughen up, become more robust and make a virtue of the right to be offensive.

PROVOCATIONS is a groundbreaking new series of short polemics composed by some of the most intriguing voices in contemporary culture and edited by Yasmin Alibhai-Brown. Sharp, intelligent and controversial, Provocations provides insightful contributions to the most vital discussions in society today.

“An ambitious new series that tackles the controversy of the topics explored with a mixture of intelligence and forthright argument from some excellent writers.” — The Observer


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26.3.16 New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990 —Section 14

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“Dog-day DCC” —life’s a bitch

From the bulging file marked “Transparency”
Received from one of the What if? tribe, one HELL of a story!

Dog Rescue Dunedin (DRD) “has been told it must not speak about the Dunedin City Council without prior approval or it could lose access to condemned dogs at the pound”. Dan Hutchinson from The Star reports on the terms of a memorandum of understanding.

Muzzled | The Star 11.12.14 (page 3)
The Star 11.12.14 - Council vets Dog Rescue p3 [click to enlarge]

As sensitive as the situation is at ‘death row’, via the dog pound, DCC Comms is endeavouring to control and curb free speech. What an ugly precedent for those involved in animal welfare. The council has blemishes, perhaps DRD does too, there is every reason to air these publicly. We have to hope DRD has an astute pro bono solicitor available for the cause. May your season be jolly, Dogs – not expired.Holly and ribbon [4.bp.blogspot.com]
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