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Basil Walker's strange day in court

Can Mr Walker score any relevant points, of a judicial sort…we’ll know in seven days.

### ODT Online Fri, 5 Jun 2009
Stadium challenge questioned
By David Loughrey
A Queenstown man trying to stop Otago Regional Council funding for the Forsyth Barr stadium in Dunedin came up against a High Court judge who questioned many of his arguments yesterday.
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D Scene, hello – construction stopped or starting?

We read the story. Can’t answer the question.
D Scene, straighten it out please.

### D Scene 20-5-09 (page 12)
Otago Stadium: City council in no rush to have appeal heard
Demo despite wrangles
By Michelle Sutton

Asbestos is being ripped out of buildings on the Otago stadium site, while ongoing High Court wrangles threaten to stop work.
[Guess who…yep, Hall Bros]

In brief:
* Hawkins Construction to start work on piles this Friday
* StS trying to speed up High Court Appeal; DCC in no rush
* StS has lodged urgent request for appeal to be heard
* No news of costs after High Court decision
* Basil Walker has asked for withdrawal of Jim Harland’s affidavit
* ORC “can’t begin to understand” half of Walker’s questions
* ORC’s first payment towards stadium due 1 August – loan not yet secured

{see full story}

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### D Scene 20-5-09 (page 12)
Soper turns consultant

Former Carisbrook Stadium Trust chief executive Ewan Soper is working out of the office, charging an hourly consultant rate…on a “casual basis”.

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DCC and ORC affidavits + Walker précis

DCC’s spend on the stadium was $52+ million at March end…

### ODT Online Sat, 16 May 2009
Stadium affidavit details revealed
By David Loughrey

The main points of next month’s Forsyth Barr Stadium case in the High Court have been revealed in affidavits from the Dunedin city and Otago regional councils, and a précis of stadium opponent Basil Walker’s planned argument, as have details of the city council’s spending on the project.
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DCC's funding line continues…

### ODT Online Thu, 14 May 2009
Council will carry on with stadium
By David Loughrey

The Dunedin City Council plans to carry on with its funding of the stadium, despite the two court cases being taken against the project.
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Stop the Stadium’s notice of appeal has been received by the Court of Appeal in Wellington. The case has a six-month time-frame in which to be heard.

Basil Walker’s High Court challenge against the Otago Regional Council’s funding of the project, has a hearing set down for June 4.

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D Scene: Basil Walker's small victory

### D Scene 13-5-09 (page 3)
Lifting the lid
By Ryan Keen

[Basil Walker’s] challenge in the High Court at Dunedin has led to Dunedin City Council chief executive Jim Harland revealing in an affidavit the penalty clauses that exist in the so-called Guaranteed Maximum Price contract signed with Hawkins Construction.

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### D Scene 13-5-09 (page 6)
Otago Stadium: Construction contract fineprint revealed
Delays will sting
By Michelle Sutton

Otago’s stadium project faces a multimillion-dollar blowout if the looming June 1 construction deadline is missed, a High Court affidavit reveals.

Mr Harland’s affidavit was sworn at Dunedin on May 5, a day before [Basil] Walker sought an urgent interim injunction blocking ORC’s contribution claiming its processes were flawed.
{story continues}

### D Scene 13-5-09 (page 6)
Edgar’s warning

Stadium supporter and former longtime Dunedin-based businessman Eion Edgar warns rates could soar if the project doesn’t happen.
{story continues}

D Scene 13-5-09 (page 6)
DCC counsel Frazer Barton is sending a memorandum to the High Court for $12,000 to $13,000 of costs against Stop The Stadium.

Other stories:
Word of the Week: injunction (page 9)
Mr Generous isn’t slowing down: Ryan Keen interviews Eion Edgar and finds the sort of money he’s giving to the stadium (page 9)

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Interim injunction: Walker far from clear…

### The Southland Times online Last updated 05:00 07/05/2009
Stadium victory claimed
By Ben Heather

A Queenstown man has claimed victory in stopping Otago Regional Council funding the Dunedin stadium, but the council says it can still back the project.
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UPDATED Contract approval, pending…

…outcome of interim injunction.

According to ONE News.
STS application for injunction to go to High Court at Christchurch this Thursday.
Farry saying bulldozers poised…well, he would.
Full coverage of today’s meetings in ODT tomorrow.


### Radio New Zealand News Updated at 5:48pm on 20 April 2009
Council approves stadium contract pending hearing
The Dunedin City Council has approved a construction contract for a new enclosed stadium, pending the outcome of a court hearing on Thursday.
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### ONE News Published: 2:24PM Monday April 20, 2009
Source: Newstalk ZB
Dunedin council to fight for stadium
The Dunedin City Council will fight a group seeking a High Court injunction against the planned stadium.
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### TVNZ News Updated 18:48 Monday April 20, 2009
Source: ONE News/Newstalk ZB
Council votes to sign stadium contract
The Dunedin City Council has voted to sign a contract to build the controversial stadium, but there is still a hurdle to jump.
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### Channel 9 News Apr 20, 2009 – 7:16pm
Eleventh Hour Attempt To Stall The New Stadium
The debate over the proposed Otago Stadium has reached a new level.

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Injunction: Dunedin City Council response

### ODT Online Mon, 20 Apr 2009
Council responds to STS injunction
By David Loughrey

The Dunedin City Council has surfaced from its closed door meeting to announce its response to Stop the Stadium’s court injunction, designed to stop the council from agreeing to sign a contract to build the project.

View resolutions and read more ODT Link

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The stadium contract, ODT

Updated post.

### ODT Apr 18, 2009 (page 3, print and digital editions)
Summary: Main provisions of the contract

Project Manager:
Arrow International projects director Lale Ieremia, working with project delivery team.

Contractor’s representative:
Hawkins Construction representative.

HOK, Sport and Event and Venue Pty Ltd and Jasmax Ltd.

Quantity surveyor:

Project control group:
Representatives from Hawkins Construction, the Carisbrook Stadium Trust, Mr Ieremia, HOK and Jasmax, Rawlinsons.

The contractor is required to construct and complete the new Otago stadium for no more than the guaranteed maximum price (GMP) by August 1, 2009. The contract provides for permitted adjustments to the completion date: eg any scope amendments directed by the project manager.



### ODT Online Sat, 18 Apr 2009
D-Day looms for Dunedin stadium contract
Dunedin City councillors will decide on Monday whether to vote on signing a construction contract for the city’s new stadium after opponents filed an injunction.
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