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University of Otago major sponsor for Highlanders

mergerAnnounced today at Fubar Stadium
The University of Otago is the first university in New Zealand to sponsor a super rugby franchise.

The partners will exploit co-marketing initiatives and the Highlanders will be expected to participate in more university activities. The University logo will be painted on the stadium “grass” and added to the back of players’ jerseys alongside the Speight’s logo.

Does anyone realise Thugby is a dying art. YAWN.

### ODT Online Mon, 10 Feb 2014
Otago University to sponsor Highlanders
The University of Otago has become one of the major sponsors of the Dunedin-based Highlanders rugby team. Vice-Chancellor Professor Harlene Hayne said the move is designed to raise the university’s profile. “[Forsyth Barr] Stadium and the Highlanders will be a canvas to highlight the University of Otago, which is located literally on the doorstep of this world-class facility,” she says. “Rugby is not just a game on a Saturday night – it’s a business as well.
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### dunedintv.co.nz February 10, 2014 – 7:11pm
Local institutions partner up in a sponsorship deal the first of its kind
The University of Otago has become the first university in New Zealand to sign on as a major sponsor of a Super Rugby franchise. The deal between the university and the Highlanders was announced at Forsyth Barr Stadium this afternoon. Many of the Highlanders staff and players have studied at Otago, and both organisations feel the partnership will be beneficial.


Names of “Stadium Councillors” (past and present) allegedly associated with driving the New Mosgiel Pool project:

● Syd Brown
● Colin Weatherall
● Peter Chin
● John Bezett

See pp14-15 of the following DCC document, and in particular point 4 (page 15):


It’s easier to get a training pool for Professional Rugby built at Mosgiel (under the guise of it being a community pool) than it would be to have DCC ratepayers and general public get behind a pool at the Stadium/Logan Park, as mooted a few years back to go with the High Performance Sport New Zealand Dunedin Centre… the latter was foisted on Dunedin ratepayers with little if any consultation.

### ODT Online Tue, 20 Dec 2011
New centre to churn out champions
By Nigel Benson
A multimillion-dollar Dunedin sports excellence academy could be a factory for future world champions. The High Performance Sport New Zealand Dunedin Centre of Excellence was officially opened at Forsyth Barr Stadium yesterday. The $4.8 million building will be a hub for Otago athletes and house HPSNZ and its tenants – the Highlanders, Sports Medicine New Zealand and New Zealand Turf – which formerly occupied the old Logan Park art gallery building.
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This NEW POOL project also “benefits” the likes of Martin Dillon and Co at Mosgiel because it will be built in the main street and attract more business to the shopping centre, and be a selling point (amenity!) for housing subdivisions in the area [forget noble district plan and spatial plan objectives to protect high class soils, said local developers].

KILLING many birds with one stone.
That is why it’s steaming ahead under the radar.

It’s a VERY cunning project that appears to have “not much resistance to it” at DCC because most plodders and desk huggers, councillors, and maybe even the chief executive, think it’s just a nice little community pool that’s out there to be benignly funded by the community –

CORRECTION: The thing is worth maybe $16 million AND MORE —definitely expensive enough for exclusive swim time booked for UNIVERSITY-RUGBY, all funded by the poor Mosgiel-Taieri ratepayers !!!!!!

The rorting RUGBY bastards. Imagine a (prestige) car firm will sponsor the RUGBY 4WDs and peoplemovers, on that new hot highway from DUD to MSG.

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Department of Internal Affairs, the gambling authority

Comment received.

Russell Garbutt
2012/04/29 at 3:54 pm

Doesn’t it seem incredible that the DIA, when presented with an enquiry that on the surface appears to be more than dodgy, chooses to get a local investigator to phone one of the people involved, that investigator issues a warning to that person that things are being looked at for any future applications, chooses not to follow up with the appropriate people within the pokie fund – even when these people have what appears to be solid evidence that moves were made to obscure just who was really asking for grants. Did the DIA investigate with people like SPARC? Not to my knowledge. Seems to me that when anything is just a little bit too hard then the DIA run for the hills. Frankly, I can’t think of any work that the DIA have done in recent times that has really resulted in anything other than warning dodgy operations into becoming more covert.

*Sport New Zealand (Sport NZ) is the new name for the government organisation responsible for sport and recreation (formerly SPARC). -Eds

See today’s story at Sunday Star Times by senior writer Steve Kilgallon
Pokie Funds: Case closed without call to whistleblower

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