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Safe cycling –Cr Fliss Butcher

Tweet (04:12 PM – 21 Nov 12):

Fliss @koFliss
just posted a brief argument for using Copenhagen style cycle lanes in Dunedin see flissbutcher.co.nz cycling in Dunedin. please retweet


bike lane (often with low solid raised barrier),

car parking,

then the road.

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Stadium site wide open…

“It was an unbelievably stupid thing to do. Security will have to be beefed up, and I’m sure there will be questions as to how someone can access and drive a crane.”
–Senior Sergeant Mel Aitken, NZ Police

### ODT Online Mon, 4 Oct 2010
‘Bizarre’ act stadium threat
By Stu Oldham
Security will be improved at the Forsyth Barr Stadium building site in Dunedin after a series of “bizarre” intruder incidents. Someone drove a crawler crane tethered to a truss stretched between the north and south stands soon after 4am yesterday.
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