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Editor cites DCC as “open democracy in action”

Sometimes the penny does not drop. In today’s editorial, ‘Cavernous divisions in Christchurch’, the Otago Daily Times has its word on Christchurch City Council and in so doing comes up with this, the first paragraph:

“While no-one would claim they are perfect, and there is room for debate round the edges particularly where meetings closed to the public are concerned, the processes of the Dunedin City Council, as exemplified by this week’s pre-draft budget meetings, are an example of open democracy in action.” Link

A remarkable comment in the face of the rugby scrum that parades as the annual plan / long term council community plan process at Dunedin, a process well tinged with lies, deceit, incompetence and further mismanagement of ratepayer funds by our elected representatives. This after years of council grey papers, staff manipulations, and unholy alliances with gentlefolk in the private sector whose names are well known.

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