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Latest Funding Fight

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more money raised, more from Bev and of course more rubbish in the ODT comments section.

However my eye’s were a little amazed to see such an Intelligent and Eloquent person such as Cr Michael Deaker state

” he would ignore the idea the project had been given “some kind of permission” from the Crown.

Any thought of “putting a plastic roof” on another rugby field was “absolutely, definitely not a prudent financial decision”, no matter who gave permission”

Come on Michael, this might be an expression of your exasperation with this project, but you of all people know that this is not a ‘plastic roof’ and just another ‘rugby field’.

Anything that Cr Gerry Eckhoff has to say needs to be tempered with the fact that his baggage predetermines any sanity coming from his mouth – conservative libertarian rural gentry.

And of course Bev Butler…

Come on Michael, you are an exceedingly well versed and researched person, please don’t play these sound bite games with the public, it’s not helping anyone.

Full ODT link here

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Govt funding secured

Just heard on Radio Sport news that the $15m funding shortfall sought from the government has been approved. Yet another hurdle crossed.

For the life of me why central govt isn’t investing much more substantial figures than this is beyond me, although something called ideology will have a big part to play in that.

More soon when back at computer and not on the road.

“The Government will underwrite the $15 million Otago Stadium funding shortfall – securing the financial support of the Otago Regional Council.

Regional councillors voted 6-4 to commit funding to the project after being told of the development in a closed session at a meeting this morning.

Chairman Stephen Cairns told the meeting “the Crown was willing to underwrite the construction of the Awatea St stadium up to a maximum of $15 million”.

The council’s key $37.5 million contribution to the controversial $198m project hinged on a further $15 million being found from the Government or other sources to cover a shortfall in private sector funding.

Earlier story – Cairns gets crucial call
The deadline was yesterday, in time for a council meeting today.

Carisbrook Stadium Trust chairman Malcolm Farry said from Wellington late yesterday afternoon the trust was “working around the clock” and was confident it would have “something for the regional council to consider”.

Link ODT

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OK, state of play?

I’ll try to lay it out for you, but the crux of the matter, despite the sustained efforts of the StS and councillors opposing the development, Council today decided to continue with the project, voting 10-5. This is more or less the green light (read Peter E’s cautions below and media confusion), although as you learn in life nothing is determined until the first people go through the turnstiles of the first event at the stadium. Continue reading


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