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Stadium funding + “open book” for Carisbrook

### ODT Online Tue, 27 Apr 2010
Private funding may top total
By David Loughrey
Private sector funding for the Forsyth Barr Stadium, being raised by the sale of seating products, could reach $10 million more than required by the Carisbrook Stadium Trust, but the future of any extra funding, if secured, is unclear.

Council chief executive Jim Harland said if all the seating products sold, it would give DVML a stronger cash flow. If that “very happy event” occurred, there could be discussion about whether the money could be used to pay off debt more quickly.

The council will begin public consultation on the future of Carisbrook with “a completely open book”, Mayor Peter Chin said yesterday.

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### ODT Online Tue, 27 Apr 2010
Countdown to kickoff
Key stakeholders brave the rain at the Forsyth Barr Stadium in Dunedin yesterday, marking today’s milestone of 500 days until the Rugby World Cup 2011 tournament begins in New Zealand.
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DCC purchase of Carisbrook avoids open market

…for a while at least

This morning, David referred to Chief Executive Jim Harland’s statements about the Dunedin City Council’s purchase of Carisbrook from the Otago Rugby Football Union (ORFU), as featured in the print and digital editions of today’s ODT (page 12).

Mr Harland was replying briefly to a Letter to the editor written by Calvin Oaten.

The comments for public consumption are:

Q: Why did the DCC buy Carisbrook?
A: To assist the ORFU as anchor tenant in the new stadium and to secure a piece of industrial land for the future of the city.

Q: What price did the DCC pay?
A: This information is confidential until negotiations have been concluded.

Q: Was the purchase price factored in as part of the budgeted $198 million cost of the Awatea St stadium?
A: No. The council’s concern is to ensure the ORFU is in a viable financial position looking into the future.

Q: What use does the DCC see for the purchase and what costs are budgeted for in order to demolish existing improvements, thus making way for reuse or sale of the site?
A: No decisions have been made on the future use of Carisbrook. The modelling prior to purchase took into account likely demolition costs.

Q: Did the purchase include the ORFU’s other properties on Burns St and parking areas on Neville St?
A: Yes.


David notes the other question put by Mr Oaten but left unanswered by Mr Harland was:

Q: Did the price agreed take into consideration the $2 million debt that the ORFU owes the DCC?

[David says the $2 million is owed to ratepayers.]

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