Dunedin Venues Limited – 2012 Annual Report now 2 months overdue

UPDATED POST 26.10.12 at 1:46 am

JimmyJones at ODT Online today mentioned this timing anomaly. DVL is late with its 2012 annual report. We all know how steep the numbers will be and just approximately, how decimating!

We don’t hold out any hopes for DVL.

● DVL 6-monthly result, $5.2 million loss.

● DVML (with the same board as DVL) annual result, $1.9 million loss.

● DCHL annual result, $5m loss for the group.

Dunedin City Council, the companies’ owner, persists in keeping public eyes away from the true state of the books, and the activities and wrongdoings that have led to gross mismanagement of council finances.

Fudging, obfuscation, corruption, fraudulence, lack of transparency and accountability – this is your council. Breaching its own prudential limits…

It keeps coming… (sample)
26.7.12 Cull’s council thinks $750,000pa to DVML represents good value?
30.8.12 DCC seen by Fairfax Business Bureau deputy editor Tim Hunter
11.9.12 Delta Utility Services Ltd

Denham Shale, Bill Baylis and Co have been hired to make it all go away.

Then, ah-ha! There’s our man Slippery aka Warren Larsen, who authored the report to salve DCC’s conscience and not much else.

Governance = ineptitude, manipulation and lots and lots of crime…

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