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Private sector funding (donations) to stadium construction

One thing is certain, Malcolm Farry is confused.

### ODT Online Mon, 26 Sep 2011
$2.75 million donated to stadium: manager
By David Loughrey
The vexed issue of the level of donations the Forsyth Barr Stadium has attracted may have to stay vexed, the matter complicated by various interpretations of the definition of “donation”. The matter has been controversial since early on in the project, when, in 2008, Dunedin Venues Management Ltd commercial manager Guy Hedderwick suggested just $30 had been received. The matter was raised again at a recent Dunedin City Council finance, strategy and development meeting, and he then raised a figure of $330,000. Asked recently to clear up the issue, he said that related to just one donation. Instead, the total of donations stood at $2.75 million.

[Carisbrook Stadium Trust (CST) chairman Malcolm Farry] noted DVML has taken the total of private sector funding raised through the sale of seating packages and sponsorship towards $50 million.

Mr Hedderwick said donations had already been included in the private sector funding total for the stadium, which stood at $42.8 million in August.
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DCC assistance possible for earthquake strengthening

### ODT Online Tue, 13 Sep 2011
Nod for funds to brace buildings
By David Loughrey
Dunedin heritage building owners may next year get financial help with earthquake strengthening, both through an increase in the [Dunedin Heritage Fund], and a targeted rate system. The decision followed sharp words among councillors at a recent meeting as they fought over funding for their areas of interest.

A report to the Finance, Strategy and Development Committee, from heritage policy planner Glen Hazelton, called for to provide information on a targeted rate to assist building owners to strengthen their buildings against earthquakes, suggested a variety of options.

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Report – FSD – 05/09/2011
(PDF, 144.8 KB)
Targeted Rate for Earthquake Strengthening

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DCC Finance, Strategy and Development Committee

Meeting – Monday 5 September 2011, 1.00 PM
Edinburgh Room, Municipal Chambers

Agenda – FSD – 05/09/2011 (PDF, 61.3 KB)

Report – FSD – 05/09/2011 (PDF, 172.3 KB)
Business Support Funding – Summary up to Period Ending June 2011

Report – FSD – 05/09/2011 (PDF, 175.5 KB)
Dunedin Visitor Economy Strategy Group

• Report – FSD – 05/09/2011 (PDF, 105.0 KB)
Forsyth Barr Stadium Debt Servicing Plan

Report – FSD – 05/09/2011 (PDF, 2.3 MB)
Stadium Precinct Executive Summary

Report – FSD – 05/09/2011 (PDF, 78.4 KB)
Filming Location Fee Policy

Report – FSD – 05/09/2011 (PDF, 562.8 KB)
Financial Result – 1 Month to 31 July 2011

Report – FSD – 05/09/2011 (PDF, 134.0 KB)
Funding to City Funding Safety Programme

Report – FSD – 05/09/2011 (PDF, 144.8 KB)
Targeted Rate for Earthquake Strengthening

Report – FSD – 05/09/2011 (PDF, 254.3 KB)
Octagon Free Wireless

Report – FSD – 05/09/2011 (PDF, 546.7 KB)
Dunedin Healthy Homes Initiative

Report – FSD – 05/09/2011 (PDF, 45.8 KB)
Waipori Fund – Report for Quarter Ending June 2011

• Report – FSD – 05/09/2011 (PDF, 340.5 KB)
Increased Capital in Dunedin Venues Management Limited and Dunedin Venues Limited

[DCC Link]

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D Scene broke the news

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### D Scene 3-8-11
Lights, camera… (page 1)
The spotlight has been turned on the Forsyth Barr Stadium. The new venue is under scrutiny not just because it is being officially opened on Friday, but because a major row has erupted over servicing Dunedin City Council’s debts – including money intended to fund the stadium project.
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Grand stadium opens (page 3)
By Wilma McCorkindale
Dunedin is invited to the opening of Forsyth Barr Stadium on Friday. At an early morning ceremony, the facility will receive a formal Maori blessing and Prime Minister John Key will do the official opening honours. Media and dignitaries are expected to attend the hour-long 7am event, which will unveil the facility, the only multi-purpose arena in the world with a fixed roof and a natural grass turf.
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What the stadium means to me now – Bev Butler (page 3)
For me, the physical reality of the stadium is a constant reminder of a divided community…It has never added up, financially, as a prudent project for the council to spend money on. The consultants’ reports told us so. Even David Davies, Dunedin Venues Management manager, has admitted that the stadium’s “bread and butter” will be “conferences and meetings”.
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What the stadium means to me now – Malcolm Farry (page 3)
While controversy may continue to cause debate over the coming year or two, there is no doubt that history will show this achievement to be a milestone in the development of Dunedin and the region…The benefits in economic impact, quality and vibrancy of life will be seen to be a major step forward.
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Solutions would be tabled along with the two reviews at the next full council meeting set for Wednesday, August 10.

Council living beyond means (page 5)
By Mike Houlahan ad Wilma McCorkindale
Dunedin City Council (DCC) is in damage control this week in the wake of revelations last Friday it was facing a financial crisis. In an early evening press release, mayor Dave Cull announced an $8 million funding annual revenue shortfall, revealed in two internal reviews tabled at the previous day’s Finance, Strategy and Development Committee meeting. The reviews, one by the council’s Council-owned Companies (CCO) liaison group, the other by consultant Warren Larsen, found Dunedin City Holdings Ltd (DHCL) would not be able to continue paying $5 million annual dividends anticipated by council.
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Personality debate ignores real issues (page 20)
By Wilma McCorkindale
Dunedin Mayor Dave Cull is defending his 11th hour announcement last Friday night that the city is in financial trouble…Cull is adamant council has been trying to pin down Dunedin City Holdings Ltd (DCHL) on what dividends it could sustain, in the wake of concerns during the past year on its ability to pay out…Cull said he was among those who voiced concerns about hiking demands on council company dividends, as far back as 2008.
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Sources close to council say the Larsen report is scathing of DCHL.

Cr refuting claims of board neglect (page 20)
Dunedin City Holdings Ltd (DCHL) Chairman, Cr Paul Hudson, is refutung claims his board neglected to clarify its ability to meet dividends expected by Dunedin City Council (DCC). Hudson said the facts had been misrepresented in a press release announcing a city financial crisis on Friday, after Thursday’s Finance, Strategy and Development Committee meeting tabled the findings of two reviews…Councillors voted it was not appropriate for him to remain in the meeting, given his DCHL role…Hudson said he spent the weekend digging out documents to back up the DCHL stance on the matter.
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DCC Finance, Strategy and Development Committee – meeting postponed

Agenda – FSD – 25/07/2011 (PDF, 89.2 KB, new window)
Today’s (Monday 25 July 2011) Finance, Strategy and Development Committee meeting has been postponded due to the snow. The meeting will now be held on Thursday 28 July at 1.00 pm in the Auditorium of the Dunedin Public Art Gallery.

Report – FSD – 25/07/2011 (PDF, 1.5 MB, new window)
Stadium Precinct Executive Summary 16
Report – FSD – 25/07/2011 (PDF, 59.9 KB, new window)
Project Gateway
Report – FSD – 25/07/2011 (PDF, 459.9 KB, new window)
Change to Structure to Achieve Regional Economic Development
Report – FSD – 25/07/2011 (PDF, 184.0 KB, new window)
Development Contributions Policy – Schedule of Charges 2011/12
Report – FSD – 25/07/2011 (PDF, 49.7 KB, new window)
Infrastructure Insurance Renewal 2011/12
Report – FSD – 25/07/2011 (PDF, 206.9 KB, new window)
Strategic Risk Fund For Insurance
Report – FSD – 25/07/2011 (PDF, 662.6 KB, new window)
Financial Result – 12 Months to 30 June 2011
Report – FSD – 25/07/2011 (PDF, 1.9 MB, new window)
Council’s Debt Raising Arrangements

FSD Committee Link

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Stadium: Back to the kitchen

### ODT Online Fri, 4 Feb 2011
No provision for stadium kitchens
By David Loughrey
Differences of opinion on what was included in the contract for building the Forsyth Barr Stadium have surfaced in the latest report on the project. The difference has arisen over space for the provision of kitchen and catering facilities at the stadium.
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DCC Finance, Strategy and Development Committee

A meeting of the Finance, Strategy and Dvelopment Committee was held on Monday 29 November 2010, in the Fullwood Room, Level 3, Dunedin Centre at 2.00 PM.

Agenda – FSD – 29/11/2010 (PDF, 46.6 KB, new window)

Report – FSD – 29/11/2010 (PDF, 224.8 KB, new window)
Reconstitution of working parties

Report – FSD – 29/11/2010 (PDF, 284.7 KB, new window)
Purchase Card Review – attachment

Report – FSD – 29/11/2010 (PDF, 1.6 MB, new window)
Stadium Update

Report – FSD – 29/11/2010 (PDF, 43.7 KB, new window)
Purchase Card Internal Audit Review

Report – FSD – 29/11/2010 (PDF, 2.1 MB, new window)
Tourism Dunedin Annual Report 2010

Report – FSD – 29/11/2010 (PDF, 46.9 KB, new window)
Waipori Fund

Report – FSD – 29/11/2010 (PDF, 76.7 KB, new window)
Project Fund

Report – FSD – 29/11/2010 (PDF, 177.4 KB, new window)
Commercial Filming Policy

Report – FSD – 29/11/2010 (PDF, 101.3 KB, new window)
Increase in the capital of Dunedin City Holdings Ltd

Report – FSD – 29/11/2010 (PDF, 412.7 KB, new window)
Financial result

Report – FSD – 29/11/2010 (PDF, 156.3 KB, new window)
Climate Change Adaptation Plan

Report – FSD – 29/11/2010 (PDF, 76.3 KB, new window)
DCHL Election

Report – FSD – 29/11/2010 (PDF, 99.2 KB, new window)
Directors’ fees

According to the reports above DCC has a Community Resilience Forum… (formerly the Community Sustainability Panel). The new name seems most appropriate when viewed in relation to the Council’s brazen spend on the stadium and the entirety of the Council’s debt management systems.

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