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Stadium tenders, turf + future of Carisbrook

### ODT Online Fri, 23 Apr 2010
Stadium tenders over budget
By David Loughrey
Tenders for carpentry at the Forsyth Barr Stadium have come back “significantly over budget”, a new report on the project says. Carisbrook Stadium Trust chairman Malcolm Farry said last night that meant the trust would have to go back to the market to try to negotiate a more acceptable price, something he said had been done before, successfully, during the building process.
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The following reports will be discussed by the Dunedin City Council finance and strategy committee on Monday:

Report – FSC – 26/04/2010 (PDF, 1.0 mb, new window)
Stadium Stakeholders Group Report

Report – FSC – 26/10/2010 (PDF, 65.2 kb, new window)
Future of Carisbrook


### ODT Online Fri, 23 Apr 2010
Public say on Carisbrook
By David Loughrey
A thorough consultation process will soon begin on the future of Carisbrook, and the Dunedin City Council is looking to the public for “reasonably practicable” options for its future. The high level of public interest in the historic ground means public meetings will be held to help decide the matter, but a report to next Monday’s finance and strategy committee meeting said the council was keen to “avoid devoting a lot of time, energy and expense to the consideration of impractical, expensive or frivolous options”.
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Carisbrook use: discussion with “interested parties”

Talks with the usual business-boy suspects???

### ODT Online Thu, 18 Mar 2010
Keeping Carisbrook an option
By Chris Morris
The Dunedin City Council may seek to retain ownership of Carisbrook and develop the site, rather than selling it, it has been confirmed. Councillors at this week’s finance and strategy committee – in a section of the meeting held behind closed doors – asked for a staff report with more details on the options available to make best use of the site. The report would be considered at the committee’s next meeting, on April 26.

“It’s a very large site. It’s a significant matter in terms of what people are talking about in Caversham and South Dunedin and it’s not something that should be done on the hoof.”
-Cr Richard Walls

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Stakeholders Group Report to DCC

The Dunedin City Council’s Finance and Strategy Committee meets on Monday 19 October 2009, Edinburgh Room, Municipal Chambers, at 2pm.

Agenda – FSC – 19/10/2009 (PDF, 15.1 kb, new window)

Report – FSC – 19/10/2009 (PDF, 4.2 mb, new window)
Stakeholders Group Report

Other reports to be tabled at the meeting include:

– Water and Waste Services Delivery Options
– Annual Report 2008/09
– 2010/11 Annual Plan Timetable
– Directors Fees – DCHL Group for the Year Ending September 30, 2010
– Election of Directors for DCHL Group for the 2009/10 Year
– Target Rating Mechanism for EECA Warm Home Initiative
– Waipori Fund – Report for Quarter Ending September 2009
– Annual Reports of Council Owned Companies, 30 June 2009


Note: The Stakeholders Group Report flags up a message on my computer saying the file is damaged and could not be repaired. I’ve alerted the DCC webmaster – we’re not sure where the problem lies.

Alternatively, download this PDF supplied by DCC webmaster Sean Lee this morning: ma_fsc_r_stakeholders_2009_10_19

Note these appendices to the report:
Appendix 3 – Progress Photos
Appendix 4 – Photos from inspection of bleachers 31 August 2009

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