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Dunedin earthquake proneness

### ODT Online Wed, 9 Mar 2011
Dunedin residents ‘should not be complacent’
By Ellie Constantine
While the chance of a serious earthquake hitting Dunedin is one in 1000, the odds are better than winning Lotto and citizens “should not be complacent”, geologist Prof Richard Norris says. Should such a quake occur, parts of South Dunedin, Mosgiel and the Taieri would “inevitably” be engulfed in liquefaction, the hill suburbs would suffer landslips and rockfalls and many heritage buildings would be reduced to rubble.

Image by Paul Le Comte (via Twitpic). Source: ODT
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Christchurch’s “seismic hazard” was “about double” Dunedin’s, but should one occur, the impact would be similar, but of a different nature.
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