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Conceptual Design: ‘purification skyscraper’

### edition.cnn.com May 6, 2010 Updated 0822 GMT (1622 HKT)
A skyscraper designed to make a rotten river run clean
By Emanuele Comi for CNN
Imagine a skyscraper that – instead of hosting offices – houses a system that purifies the water of a polluted river, employs the people living in surrounding slums and gives them a home in which to live. That’s the revolutionary idea behind an architectural concept that aims to solve the problems generated by the polluted Ciliwung River in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. The largest of 13 rivers which run through Jakarta, the Ciliwung flows through 72 subdistricts of the city. Along its river banks lie a ramshackle collection of illegal slums and around 400 businesses, according to a recent report by the Jakarta Capital City Provincial Government.
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