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ORC restructures directorates

Otago Regional Council – Media Release
ORC reshapes executive management team

Monday, 09 December 2013

The Otago Regional Council’s executive management team has been redeveloped to better align it with extensive work programmes being implemented over the next seven years. ORC chief executive Peter Bodeker announced that appointments had been made to two new positions created following a review of the council’s directorate structure.
Fraser McRae has been appointed to the position of Director, Policy Planning and Resource Management, and Dr Gavin Palmer has been appointed as Director, Engineering, Natural Hazards and Science. Mr Bodeker said Mr McRae’s position would incorporate the functions previously located in the Resource Management portfolio and Dr Palmer would take on the roles held within the Environmental Information and Science portfolio.

“With a good deal of work to be done to help the community implement new water quality (Plan Change 6A) and water quantity (Plan Change 1C) requirements in the Otago Water Plan, it is crucial to have better integration of the executive roles,” Mr Bodeker said. “This restructure will expedite and improve the delivery of these work programmes which already overlap within our current directorate structure.”

In addition a new position, Director, Stakeholder Engagement, would be advertised that would oversee the council’s communications and community liaison activities. Mr Bodeker said ORC delivered a huge range of services to the community.

“I want to ensure we strengthen our connection to our communities and deliver our programmes effectively to everyone using council services.”

For more information contact
Peter Bodeker
Chief executive
Otago Regional Council
Ph 0274 998 328

ODT 10.12.13 Two ORC directors’ jobs disestablished

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