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Well f*** ANYONE who backs Campus Master Plan proposed demolition of post-1960s ARCHITECTURE

### ODT Online Wed, 9 Jun 2010
Ailing post-1960s buildings on university’s demolition list
By Allison Rudd
A crop of University of Otago buildings dating from the 1960s have been recommended for demolition in the university’s 25-year campus master plan. Tertiary education reporter Allison Rudd finds out why the buildings have not stood the test of time, and what is being done to make sure future buildings do.
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Designing smarter new stadiums

Where the Otago stadium fails…

### Telegraph.co.uk Published: 9:59PM BST 02 Aug 2009
New generation stadium designers go green
By Paul Kelso, Chief Sports Reporter

When the World Games opened in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, in July they did so in a stadium that may point the way forward for arena design. The stadium roof is covered by 8,884 solar panels, the “scales” on the snake’s back, which generate 100 per cent of its power. When the stadium is not in use the power is sold back to the local grid and can meet 80 per cent of the local area’s energy needs.
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