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Commercial sensitivity is a silly comment

As public reaction to the stadium build and the building’s operation continues you get the odd whimsical comment in the daily newspaper – probably written by ‘Max’, who else?

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Right to know?
Submitted by Xpert on Tue, 29/11/2011 – 6:19am.
To respond to russand bev’s [sic] comment, you have no right to know the financials of a concert like Elton John. The venue was hired by the promoter on commercial terms and any cost/negotiation is commercially sensitive in what is a highly competative [sic] industry. To be honest the promoter should be compensated for bringing over $6.5 million dollars into the Dunedin economy, setting a high standard for the venue and the city for future events and marketing the city which has been dull ‘concertwise’ befre [sic] the event. Ratepayers should be greatful [sic] to the promoter and the venue for putting Dunedin back on the map and back in the 21 [sic] century.
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Who got what?
Submitted by russandbev on Mon, 28/11/2011 – 10:07am.
I am pleased that there were a large number of people that enjoyed the Elton John concert on Friday night. What does need to be now quantified is who made money out of the concert and who didn’t.
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Business Benefit from Sports Events study shows

In the light of the glaringly obvious negative press that has come out of the Chamber of Commerce’s survey of businesses post Rugby Test, I’ve decided that, instead of falling into the all too familiar and easy Kiwi route of negative publicity, I’ll look at the positives.

In July 2008 the All Blacks and the Springboks, possibly the two most marketable brands in world rugby played a very important test match in Dunedin. The game was a sell out and it was estimated that the match bought in several million dollars from tourists and fans. Today the Chamber of Commerce released a study that showed that over 17% of Dunedin businesses benefited economically from the test. That is brilliant. Nearly 20% of business in the Dunedin area benefited from one solitary rugby match. Imagine if we were able to get 1 regular top flight rugby test and at least one minnow test (England?) a year.
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