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DCC releases earthquake-prone buildings register

█ Electronic copy of the register (via LGOIMA) can be viewed at Comments.

Owners of all non-residential, pre-1976 buildings had until the end of next year to have their buildings assessed and report results to the council.

### ODT Online Wed, 17 Sep 2014
Tip of quake iceberg released
By Chris Morris
A register of Dunedin’s earthquake-prone buildings has been made public for the first time, but it is likely to represent only the tip of the iceberg, the Dunedin City Council says. Council staff, responding to an Otago Daily Times request, have released details of four earthquake-prone buildings in Dunedin, as well as another 44 considered likely or possibly so.
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DCC webpage: Earthquake strengthening
‘Earthquake strengthening’ improves a building’s ability to withstand the effects of earthquakes and, most importantly, improves the safety for those in and around the buildings.
Due to the age of Dunedin’s building stock and the large number of unreinforced masonry buildings in the city, many of the city’s heritage buildings are currently ‘earthquake–prone’. In 2012, owners of buildings in Dunedin will receive letters to advise them of the need to have their buildings inspected by a qualified structural engineer to assess their potential performance in an earthquake. These assessments will be recorded in a Council register. Building owners will be given a set timeframe in which to upgrade their buildings. Notwithstanding this timeframe, building owners undertaking other significant improvement work or a ‘change of use’ of a building will be required to complete earthquake strengthening as part of that work….
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█ DCC reply to an official information request put by Marty Sharpe, Hawke’s Bay Reporter for the Dominion Post (Fairfax) on 23 October 2012: http://www.dunedin.govt.nz/__data/assets/pdf_file/0006/292578/OIA-23-November-2012-Earthquake-Prone-Buildings.pdf

Earthquake proneness - NZ_faults [wikimedia.org]New Zealand faults [wikimedia.org]

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DCC Annual Plan 2014/15 + Rugby and Rates

The council owned companies DVML and DVL present their Statements of Intent to the Dunedin City Council today. The meeting commences at 2pm at the Council Chamber, Municipal Chambers.

### ODT Online Mon, 23 Jun 2014
Whistle to blow for stadium deals
By Chris Morris
The company which runs Dunedin’s Forsyth Barr Stadium faces an uncertain future as it eyes the expiration of deals with sponsors, members and even the Highlanders Super rugby franchise. It also continues to operate under a cloud while awaiting the outcome of a major review of the stadium operation, now expected by early August, that seeks to address the venue’s multimillion-dollar losses.
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Terry Davies [radionz.co.nz] 1

Report – Council – 23/06/2014 (PDF, 164.3 KB)
Statement of Intent for Dunedin Venues Limited

Report – Council – 23/06/2014 (PDF, 170.1 KB)
Statement of Intent for Dunedin Venues Management Limited

The meeting includes final approval and adoption of the Annual Plan 2014/15 and the setting of rates.

Agenda – Council – 23/06/2014 (PDF, 122.0 KB)

Report – Council – 23/06/2014 (PDF, 4.5 MB)
Dunedin City Council 2014/15 Annual Plan for Adoption on 23 June 2014

Report – Council – 23/06/2014 (PDF, 699.6 KB)
Adoption of the 2014/15 Annual Plan – Minutes of Hearings and Deliberations

Report – Council – 23/06/2014 (PDF, 114.3 KB)
Adoption of the 2014/15 Annual Plan

Report – Council – 23/06/2014 (PDF, 540.0 KB)
Setting of Rates for 2014/15 Financial Year

Report – Council – 23/06/2014 (PDF, 76.6 KB)
Assessment Timeframe for Dunedin Earthquake-Prone Buildings Policy

Report – Council – 23/06/2014 (PDF, 149.9 KB)
Marketing Dunedin Advisory Board and Transition Advisory Group

Report – Council – 23/06/2014 (PDF, 872.4 KB)
‘Toi Au – Our Creative Future’, Draft Ōtepoti Dunedin Arts and Culture Strategy

Report – Council – 23/06/2014 (PDF, 156.0 KB)
Elected Member Remuneration Rates for 2014/15

█ Statements of Intent for other council owned companies are here.

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*Image – radionz.co.nz – DVML chief executive Terry Davies at the stadium


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Owners of neglected buildings

[Thumbnails: ODT Files]

There are no surprises about the requirements on the separate owners of the Barron Building, N. & E.S. Paterson Building and Brocklebanks Building. Following the structural failure of parts of their buildings, for which the owners are responsible, the owners have been fully informed of their obligations. Further, had they acted earlier, as good stewards, to have their buildings structurally assessed and strengthened all that has passed since could have been avoided. All three buildings are located in District Plan listed townscape precincts. The Brocklebanks Building has a District Plan protected facade to King Edward St.

### ODT Online Tue, 8 May 2012
A ‘nightmare’ waiting to have collapsed buildings demolished
By Allison Rudd
The owners of two unstable 19th-century Dunedin buildings say they cannot believe how long it is taking to demolish them. Lincoln Darling, owner of the Barron Building in Rattray St, which partly collapsed in January last year, said yesterday he “didn’t realise there was so much red tape involved” in demolishing a building. Norma Brocklebank, co-owner of the Brocklebank Dry Cleaners building in King Edward St, South Dunedin, said yesterday waiting so long to demolish her building when its facade was ruled almost a year ago to be in immediate danger of collapsing and the building condemned had been a “nightmare”.

Mr Darling and Scenic Circle Hotel Group director Stuart McLauchlan said yesterday the demolition of their buildings was imminent. A contractor had been given the go-ahead to proceed and demolition could not happen soon enough, Mr McLauchlan said.

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Earthquake strengthening: voluntary targeted rates scheme

### ODT Online Thu, 26 Jan 2012
New rate to fund strengthening
By David Loughrey
The Dunedin City Council gave approval for a second “targeted rate” system to improve city buildings yesterday when it voted for a scheme to help fund earthquake-strengthening for heritage building owners. That followed a decision on Tuesday to back a similar scheme to fund insulation and clean heating for residential buildings.
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The voluntary targeted rates schemes work by providing finance to ratepayers – in this case to complete earthquake-strengthening – with the cost to be paid off through rates over a specified period.

• There would be about $500,000 available in the first year.
• Applications would be considered by the four city councillors on the Dunedin Heritage Fund, and three New Zealand Historic Places Trust representatives, with a final decision by the council finance, strategy and development committee.

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