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DCC releases earthquake-prone buildings register

█ Electronic copy of the register (via LGOIMA) can be viewed at Comments.

Owners of all non-residential, pre-1976 buildings had until the end of next year to have their buildings assessed and report results to the council.

### ODT Online Wed, 17 Sep 2014
Tip of quake iceberg released
By Chris Morris
A register of Dunedin’s earthquake-prone buildings has been made public for the first time, but it is likely to represent only the tip of the iceberg, the Dunedin City Council says. Council staff, responding to an Otago Daily Times request, have released details of four earthquake-prone buildings in Dunedin, as well as another 44 considered likely or possibly so.
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DCC webpage: Earthquake strengthening
‘Earthquake strengthening’ improves a building’s ability to withstand the effects of earthquakes and, most importantly, improves the safety for those in and around the buildings.
Due to the age of Dunedin’s building stock and the large number of unreinforced masonry buildings in the city, many of the city’s heritage buildings are currently ‘earthquake–prone’. In 2012, owners of buildings in Dunedin will receive letters to advise them of the need to have their buildings inspected by a qualified structural engineer to assess their potential performance in an earthquake. These assessments will be recorded in a Council register. Building owners will be given a set timeframe in which to upgrade their buildings. Notwithstanding this timeframe, building owners undertaking other significant improvement work or a ‘change of use’ of a building will be required to complete earthquake strengthening as part of that work….
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█ DCC reply to an official information request put by Marty Sharpe, Hawke’s Bay Reporter for the Dominion Post (Fairfax) on 23 October 2012: http://www.dunedin.govt.nz/__data/assets/pdf_file/0006/292578/OIA-23-November-2012-Earthquake-Prone-Buildings.pdf

Earthquake proneness - NZ_faults [wikimedia.org]New Zealand faults [wikimedia.org]

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Government: Cull “punching at fog”

Mayor 2013

### ch9.co.nz February 22, 2013 – 6:48pm
Government disagrees with councils’ claims
The southern community could be up for a $1.8 billion bill for earthquake strengthening. The claim has come from Dunedin Mayor Dave Cull, speaking on behalf of ten councils from Timaru south. But the Government has called his announcements to the media unhelpful, and accused him of punching at fog.

Dunedin City Council Media Release — 22 February 2014
Southern Councils Highlight Major Concerns Over Earthquake-prone Buildings Proposals

Southern communities could face a bill of almost $1.8 billion under proposed changes to rules governing earthquake-prone buildings. Dunedin Mayor Dave Cull says that councils accept work needs to be done on this issue in response to the tragic events in Christchurch, but that any changes need to be flexible, risk-based, practical and affordable for building owners and communities.
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Earthquake strengthening: voluntary targeted rates scheme

### ODT Online Thu, 26 Jan 2012
New rate to fund strengthening
By David Loughrey
The Dunedin City Council gave approval for a second “targeted rate” system to improve city buildings yesterday when it voted for a scheme to help fund earthquake-strengthening for heritage building owners. That followed a decision on Tuesday to back a similar scheme to fund insulation and clean heating for residential buildings.
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The voluntary targeted rates schemes work by providing finance to ratepayers – in this case to complete earthquake-strengthening – with the cost to be paid off through rates over a specified period.

• There would be about $500,000 available in the first year.
• Applications would be considered by the four city councillors on the Dunedin Heritage Fund, and three New Zealand Historic Places Trust representatives, with a final decision by the council finance, strategy and development committee.

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Dunedin earthquake proneness 2

DCC Earthquake-prone Buildings Policy


### ODT Online Mon, 28 Mar 2011
Quake policy prepared, owners to pay
By David Loughrey
A new policy to protect Dunedin from the ravages of a disaster such as the recent Christchurch earthquake could cost the city council more than $3 million over the next 10 years, and require significant work to put together a database of earthquake-prone buildings.
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Report – Council – 28/03/2011 (PDF, 404.9 KB, new window)
Review of Earthquake Prone Buildings Policy


### ODT Online Tue, 29 Mar 2011
Quake proposal open for debate
By David Loughrey
Dunedin’s new earthquake policy got the go-ahead from the Dunedin City Council yesterday; now it is the turn of the public, and the building owners who may have to pay to strengthen the city’s building stock, to have their say. At a full council meeting yesterday, councillors declined to increase the level of strengthening required from 34% to 67% of new building standards, with the latter figure agreed to be outside the ability of most owners to pay.
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Mayor Dave Cull shows prudence

### ODT Online Sat, 13 Nov 2010
New meeting schedule
By David Loughrey
Dunedin Mayor Dave Cull has introduced a new structure for the council’s community boards and committees that he hopes will be more efficient and allow councillors’ time to be better used. At an extraordinary council meeting on Monday, the council will vote on the proposal, which would mean more time to do what Mr Cull described as the “important work” of working parties and steering groups.
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MONDAY, 15 NOVEMBER 2010, 2.00 PM
Fullwood Room, Level 3, Dunedin Centre

Agenda – PEC – 15/11/2010 (PDF, 28.8 kb, new window)

Report – PEC – 15/11/2010 (PDF, 98.9 kb, new window)
Marine and Coastal Area Bill Submission

Report – PEC – 15/11/2010 (PDF, 125.6 kb, new window)
Reconstitution of Working Parties

Report – PEC – 15/11/2010 (PDF, 318.6 kb, new window)
Review of Earthquake Prone Buildings Policy

Southern Cycleway Feasibility Study – no report from the Transportation Planning Manager (Acting) is available for download at the DCC website (see reference in Agenda to pages 6.1 – 6.119).


MONDAY, 15 NOVEMBER 2010, 2.30 PM
(or at the conclusion of the Planning and Environment Committee,
whichever is later)
Fullwood Room, Level 3, Dunedin Centre

Agenda – Council – 15/11/2010 (PDF, 36.3 kb, new window)
Extraordinary Meeting

Report – Council – 15/11/2010 (PDF, 37.9 kb, new window)
Appointments to Outside Organisations

Report – Council – 15/11/2010 (PDF, 184.7 kb, new window)
Meeting Schedule 2011

Report – Council – 15/11/2010 (PDF, 3.8 mb, new window)
Lovelock Avenue Project


TUESDAY, 16 NOVEMBER 2010, 2.00 PM
Fullwood Room, Level 3, Dunedin Centre

Agenda – CDC – 16/11/2010 (PDF, 49.8 kb, new window)

Report – CDC – 16/11/2010 (PDF, 177.9 kb, new window)
Annual Plan Submission Update – Karitane Foreshore Reserve Toilet Facilities

Report – CDC – 16/11/2010 (PDF, 64.8 kb, new window)
Development Plan Timeline for John Wilson Ocean Drive

Report – CDC – 16/11/2010 (PDF, 108.7 kb, new window)
Reconstitution of Working Parties

Report – CDC – 16/11/2010 (PDF, 452.7 kb, new window)
Mosgiel Memorial Gardens – Proposed Easements

Report – CDC – 16/11/2010 (PDF, 55.6 kb, new window)
Annual Plan Submission Update – Skateboard Facilities at Thomas Burns Street and Mornington Park

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