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What 48 per cent of voters said…

The coalition or confidence and supply partners will be a bit smaller, but the Prime Minister will be determined to seek to work with all three of those parties.

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Key starts government talks
By Tracy Watkins, Kate Chapman, Andrea Vance and Sarah Harvey
National Party deputy leader Bill English and senior Cabinet minister Gerry Brownlee are on their way up to John Key’s Parnell home in Auckland today as talks to put together a government gather steam. English and Brownlee will join Key and senior MP Murray McCully. They will discuss what’s on the table in coalition talks today and over the next few days. National’s campaign manager Steven Joyce this morning said the next government was going to look “quite similar” to the last one, with the Maori Party, ACT and United Future all crucial in the final make-up.
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ODT: Final Result Dunedin North
ODT: Final Result Dunedin South
ODT: Curran majority slashed in Dunedin South

2011 General Election Preliminary Results

Preliminary results for the 2011 General Election and advance voting for the Referendum on the Voting System (via Electoral Commission website)

• The preliminary results are based on the 2,014,334 votes counted on election night.
• Special declaration votes still to be counted are estimated at 240,247 (10.7% of total votes). This includes an estimated 19,527 overseas votes.
• The total estimated votes (those counted on election night plus estimated special votes to be counted) is 2,254,581.
• Voter turnout for the 2011 General Election is estimated to be 73.83% of those enrolled as at 5pm Friday 25 November. This compares with a final 79.46% turnout of those enrolled in 2008.

A summary of all party votes, electorate votes and advance votes is available on www.electionresults.govt.nz. The website also shows the probable distribution of seats by party as calculated by the St Lague formula. Preliminary results by polling place for each electorate will also be available on the site.

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What is the New Zealand Urban Design Protocol?

The New Zealand Urban Design Protocol is a voluntary commitment to specific urban design initiatives by signatory organisations, which include central and local government, the property sector, design professionals, professional institutes and other groups.

The Protocol aims to make our towns and cities more successful by using quality urban design to help them become:

* Competitive places that thrive economically and facilitate creativity and innovation
* Liveable places that provide a choice of housing, work and lifestyle options
* A healthy environment that sustains people and nature
* Inclusive places that offer opportunities for all citizens
* Distinctive places that have a strong identity and sense of place
* Well-governed places that have a shared vision and sense of direction

The Protocol identifies seven essential design qualities:

* Context: Seeing that buildings, places and spaces are part of the whole town or city
* Character: Reflecting and enhancing the distinctive character, heritage and identity of our urban environment
* Choice: Ensuring diversity and choice for people
* Connections: Enhancing how different networks link together for people
* Creativity: Encouraging innovative and imaginative solutions
* Custodianship: Ensuring design is environmentally sustainable, safe and healthy
* Collaboration: Communicating and sharing knowledge across sectors, professions and with communities.

Learn more about the Protocol here.

Local signatories to the Protocol include:

Dunedin City Council
University of Otago

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