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Oh god. ODT asks a simpering question. #whoknew

Dunedin’s Rugby World Cup games are over, so what’s next for the city’s controversial stadium? Kim Dungey talks to the man at the helm.

### ODT Online Sun, 9 Oct 2011
Cup over – what’s next for stadium?
By Kim Dungey
A roof gives the Forsyth Barr Stadium a “five-year advantage on the competition” but managers need to use that time to continually improve the customer experience, says Dunedin Venues chairman Sir John Hansen.

Using any advances in technology will be a key part of maintaining a competitive edge and particularly appeal to young people, an important part of the stadium’s future. As a first step, the council-owned company will soon install up to 200 screens throughout the venue, including along the concourses, on which it can run information, advertising and competitions.

Sir John would not comment on the stadium hosting Rugby World Cup games rent-free, saying the contract was signed before his company was formed but prudent cost control meant staff almost halved the expected $400,000 loss.

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MikeStk asks, “Is he suitable?” ODT Online
Dunno, Mike. Here’s a rundown. He’s well known to John Farry, if that counts.

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