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Destination Queenstown immediately on the job #RoyalVisitNZ

Dunedin scored a cute hug at the Airport. Don’t know if Dunedin or the Stadium got any new fans, globally — Hello, Dunedin? Are we a tourist destination or a comfy klutz. Where are our statistics? Don’t answer that. If only the industrious Hillside Workshops had still been open for a visit. Perhaps Cunliffe’s right (link).

Shotover Jet - Royal Whitewater [telegraph.co.uk]

”Web hits are one nice measure, but the bigger impact is the media coverage itself. It’s out there now. They visited us, they had a sensational visit, the weather was beautiful and sunny and they did a couple of iconic Queenstown activities, so now that’s just spreading around the world.” –Graham Budd, DQ

### ODT Online Tue, 15 Apr 2014
Queenstown Hews
Global interest rockets after royal visit
By James Beech
Global interest in Queenstown has rocketed following the visit to Amisfield Winery and Shotover Jet by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on Sunday. The dividends in publicity generated by the media pack of 120 regional, national and international reporters are being counted by Destination Queenstown and Tourism New Zealand this week.
DQ chief executive Graham Budd said the number of visits to Queenstown’s official website gave the only immediate indication of the domestic and worldwide effect being achieved and more was expected.
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*Image: telegraph.co.uk – Shotover Jet: Royal Whitewater


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Events could shift south #eqnz

UPDATE – 16 March 2011
(3.28pm, via NZHerald) Rugby World Cup decision made with “great regret”: nzh.tw/10712838 #RWC2011 #eqnz
(3.17pm, via TVNZNews)Christchurch loses RWC games http://bit.ly/gjc4Yx #TVNZNews
(3.13pm, via NZStuff) Christchurch loses Rugby World Cup games
(3.13pm, via TVNZNews) Pool matches to be reallocated to other RWC 2011 venues #rwc #eqnz
(3.11pm, via NZHerald) Quarterfinal games will be moved to Auckland; others will be distributed around the South Island #rwc2011
(3.10pm, via NZStuff) Quarter final #RWC games to be hosted in Auckland. Other games hope to stay in South Island #eqnz


### ODT Online Thu, 10 Mar 2011
Christchurch event managers eye Dunedin
By Chris Morris
Christchurch event organisers with plans shattered by last month’s earthquake are turning to Dunedin’s Forsyth Barr Stadium for help, and Rugby World Cup matches could yet follow.
Destination Queenstown chief executive Tony Everitt said his organisation had fielded calls from “several” international and domestic conference organisers in recent days.
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### ODT Online Thu, 10 Mar 2011
Virtual stadium tours with new 3D model
By Chris Morris
Internet giant Google has joined forces with Dunedin Venues Management Ltd to produce a 3D model of the Forsyth Barr Stadium.
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Link to 3D Google Model

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