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DCC gets QLDC talent…. the weft and warp deviously weaves

Notice McLauchlan has been well immersed in affairs of the QLDC, and especially now under Feeley’s leadership (fox chickens, SCF).

“….the QLDC audit and risk committee, chaired by Institute of Directors president Stuart McLauchlan, of Dunedin, recommended a sensitive expenditure policy be adopted in the wake of the Citifleet fraud….”
ODT 20.12.14

Delta. ORFU. Stadium land purchases. [list goes on, insider trading, etc]

Ruth Stokes is like trading partners, house keys in the goldfish bowl (spot any car keys?). Terminology, eh? Congratulations DCC, a blonde from Eiontown —on Dunedin, “the great small city”, yarp…. already cued to tow the DCC party line. Likes the word STAKEHOLDERS.

Dunedin City Council – Media Release
DCC appoints new General Manager

This item was published on 24 Dec 2014

Ruth Stokes has been appointed to the position of Infrastructure and Networks General Manager. She brings with her experience in senior policy development, planning and project management and has worked in both the public and private sectors. DCC Chief Executive Dr Sue Bidrose says she’s very pleased to announce Mrs Stokes appointment. “Ruth is a successful general manager with a financial background, strong public service values and a reputation for delivering. Her mix of skills will be an asset to the DCC.”

Mrs Stokes will take on the responsibilities of departing General Manager Tony Avery.

Mrs Stokes is the General Manager Operations for the Queenstown Lakes District Council (QLDC). She has been in that role for the past 16 months and Chief Executive Lakes Leisure (a council controlled organisation) prior to that. Before moving to Queenstown she worked at Auckland Council, Westpac and KPMG in various roles. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Auckland and a Post Graduate Certificate in public management from Victoria University of Wellington. Mrs Stokes has a background in infrastructure planning, development, recreation, parks, and aquatics.

“The way these assets and facilities are managed often make a major difference to the perception of a city. I think the job is a terrific opportunity to work as part of Council’s leadership team to help Dunedin become the great small city it strives to be.”

She has enjoyed her time in Queenstown, and will stay in touch with her friends and colleagues. “But I am really looking forward to moving to Dunedin and experiencing the advantages the city has to offer. I am keen to meet the DCC leadership team, the Councillors, the stakeholders and the staff. I think it is great going into a Long Term Plan year, as it gives me the opportunity to hear about what the community wants to achieve over the next 10 years.” Getting to know people and forming a detailed understanding of the role will be her first focus. Mrs Stokes will start at the DCC in February. Contact Dr Sue Bidrose, DCC Chief Executive Officer on 477 4000. DCC Link

ODT: New DCC manager

New Year turkey structure (can add names if anyone has been missed off):
Sue Bidrose, Chief Executive. Grant McKenzie, Group Chief Financial Officer. Sandy Graham, Group Manager Corporate Services. Bernie Hawke, Group Manager Arts and Culture. Ruth Stokes, General Manager Infrastructure and Networks. Simon Pickford, General Manager Services and Development.

Basters: [John Christie, Director Enterprise Dunedin] [Kevin Taylor, Manager City Property] [Anna Johnston, Manager City Development]….

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QB 2014 gongs of ill-repute #Hudson COI = MNZM

(via ODT) Mon, 2 Jun 2014
Southern Queen’s Birthday Awards recipients

paul-hudson copyPaul Hudson
Services to business and the community

Paul Hudson (65), of Port Chalmers, said that he was “humbled and honoured” for the recognition of his involved with commerce, local government and the community in Dunedin for 50 years.
He worked for Cadbury Fry Hudson between 1973 and 1996 and, as managing director, led Cadbury’s transition to conducting its worldwide business from centralised locations.
He held elected positions on Port Chalmers and Dunedin City Councils between 1980 and 2013, including deputy mayor on both councils.
He was chairman of Dunedin City Holdings, Citibus-Dunedin Transport Ltd and Citiworks, and a board member of City Forests, Aurora Energy and Delta Utility Services.
He was chairman of Dunedin City Holdings for 18 years, when shareholder funds increased from $100,000 to more than $150 million and distributions to Dunedin City Council totalled more than $280 million.
He was council appointee for the Otago Theatre Trust, Dunedin Public Art Gallery Society and its acquisitions committee and the Dunedin Town Hall Organ Trust.
He was appointed treasurer to the Otago branch of the Save the Children Fund 50 years ago. “This was the beginning of my lifelong interest in serving the community.”
The service to the community included work for Port Chalmers Kindergarten, the Aramoana Trust, Regent Theatre, the Otago Arts Society, the Dunedin Council of Social Services and the Dunedin Community House Trust. “My involvement with the establishment of Community House, my early years in Save the Children Fund and various roles and involvement in local government have been very satisfying,” he said.


“I, Paul Richard Hudson, do solemnly declare I did not squander ratepayers’ money for the chance to receive specific mention in the freshly minted report of the Office of the Auditor-General’s investigation into Delta (2014). Nor at any time did I place or declare my Conflicts of Interest ahead of my ability to be judge and jury at DCHL and other council-owned companies, so to infuriate Warren Larsen (Report, 2012). I did not personally receive ANYTHING by way of payment for termination of lease of restaurant space in the Municipal Chambers. And, I am not at all obsequious, a fence-sitter — or, make that slimy.” … “Honest.”

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