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Cow TV: Instigator Investigator on Stadium

The weather’s packing in, turn your heating up, watch some MooTube…

2009 Instigator 02 – Stadium
Cow TV talks to Bev Butler and Mayor Chin. Find out what the students think.
Video Link (duration 7’36”)

The story originally aired at Channel 9 on Friday 1 May.

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Channel 9: COW TV on stadium


### Stop The Stadium website Saturday, 2 May 2009 11:28 PM
Comment by yankiwi on Council facing flood of stadium submissions

Not your usual programming…
Channel 9’s student television show “COW TV” broadcast an excellent segment on Friday night.

“The Instigator Investigator” featured interviews with Bev Butler and Mayor Chin. Kudos to Bev for the articulate and intelligent responses to the COW TV questioning. On the other hand, Mayor Chin’s interview was just about as weak as the private funding for the stadium.
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