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Dunedin water assets


“It’s a major decision for the council. It involves a big chunk of the operation, not only in monetary terms but in staff terms as well, and we want to make sure we get it right.” -Cr Andrew Noone

### ODT Online Thu, 16 Aug 2012
DCC prepares to unveil water plan
By Chris Morris
The Dunedin City Council faces a “pretty major” decision when plans for the management of the city’s $1.6 billion water network are finally revealed, Cr Andrew Noone says. Cr Noone is the chairman of a council working party that has – since January last year – been scrutinising alternative proposals for the future of the network. Options included the creation of a council-controlled organisation (CCO) to manage the network, as well as a bid late last year by another council company, Delta, to provide the council’s water services instead.
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Dunedin citizens fully ignored

Personally, I’m caught between some D words…
Daylight robbery of tax and rate payers and Disgusted.
No doubt Paul will see the latest funding announcement as pretty positive, to ease – as he might see it – the burden on ratepayers.

The burden is still VERY LARGE.

I DON’T accept this is ‘good news’ in any way.

CST has been let off the hook by the Government, no less – the fundraising CST was supposed to do was never real; the serious question of operational viability for any such stadium facility at Dunedin is patently NOT ANSWERED.

“We” have just shifted a ton of money into the Dunedin private set’s pockets. And plentiful other dollar notes will go to external contractors and consultants. Clever ‘old Dunedin’. Not one ounce of integrity.

Sick making politics. How bloody sad.
Commiserations ALL.

Let’s not ask ourselves where DCC’s $20m will come from. Can’t deal with any more EXPENSIVE news today.

I have to lie down.

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