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Historical value of Carisbrook

Previously having been largely a supporter of the New Zealand Historic Places Trust, I was somewhat amazed by the executive summary of the report on Carisbrook stadium.

There has been a move by the NZHPT to place some sort of “special significance” order on the place, which quite simply seems to be tantamount to a gagging order. This is no small matter. As stated on page 34 under protection measures:

Should any decision be made that Carisbrook and its facilities not be retained or be downsized as a venue, NZHPT recommends that the land comprising Carisbrook be designated a public reserve pursuant to the Reserves Act 1977, and to be held in Trust for the citizens of Dunedin City. NZHPT recommends that the pitch, turnstile building, a representative section of the Terraces and a representative section of other grandstand structures be retained, and a conservation plan be prepared.

Summary. Build you new stadium, but don’t expect to be able to do anything with the old site, least of all sell it and recover costs. What exactly does the HST expect the fine folk of Dunedin to do with a “representative section of the Terraces”? Do we sit there in weekends and reflect? What a strange and I would suggest somewhat devious conclusion.
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