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ORFU’s draft constitution

ODT released a copy of the ORFU draft constitution today, see link.

Comment received.

2012/05/01 at 3:11 pm

Far too much wiggle room in this: “at the discretion of the Board in the event that the Board considers it in the best interests of ORFU either generally or in respect of specific items under discussion or to be addressed in the course of ordinary or special business to be or being considered by the Board, the Board shall or may, as the case may be, permit an Observer or Observers to attend”.

This should say SHALL, no exception.
It should specifically mention a DCC/DVML Observer as a special case who SHALL attend ALL Board meetings.

See other comments on the draft constitution at this thread.

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ORFU still owes small creditors ($687,000), DCC ($480,000+), NZRU ($500,000) and BNZ ($1,200,000)

How will ORFU continue to trade? $400,000 in donations received doesn’t absolve the union of its obligations.

### ODT Online Tue, 17 Apr 2012
Rugby: New Otago board by end of May
By Steve Hepburn
A new board to run the Otago Rugby Football Union should be in place by the end of next month, with clubs to be consulted over a reworked constitution in the next couple of weeks. The union is also hoping to have raised about $400,000 to pay off its small creditors.
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QUALMS over STS website

www.stopthestadium.org.nz has a new appearance theme: Quentin.

The home page now resembles an invitation to the Queen’s garden party.

Gone is the photographic banner showing protest…in its place a statement:



Our worst fears have been realised. STS has stupidly inflated its brief within the thrust of one line – that is, gone beyond the unequivocal brief enshrined in its deed of constitution.

STS is now intent on SAVING DUNEDIN.

We would’ve thought preparations for the Court of Appeal hearing would keep things amply in perspective. But no. We’re about to be saved.


Item 3 of the STS constitution says:

The objects of the Society are:

* To ensure through effective action that the construction of a publicly funded stadium at Awatea Street is prevented from happening.

* To ensure that the views of the members of the Society are communicated effectively through all means at the Society’s disposal to the wider community.

* To provide an asset base for associated research and communication in line with the Society’s aims.


We think it’s nearly time for the STS Annual General Meeting. To explore progress, governance and finances.

** {Re deletion and substitution above, a follower says by email: “public dissing of that sort is what alienated the exec from its membership and the general public”. Hell, Charles could be right about the ‘Tamaki’ phenomenon. So ah, keep it tight, people, keep it tight.}


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