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DCC ‘money go round’ embedded

Comment by Phil
February 6, 2012 at 9:08 pm

Hopefully the new policy of doing away with the DCC “Money Go Round” game will apply throughout the entire organisation. The IT department charges each DCC employee $1,500 per month for the lease of a standard PC. That’s nearly $20k a year, for a standard office computer. Can you even buy a computer today for $20k?

Building Control charges DCC departments for processing internal building consents. Those departments in turn pay Building Control from ratepayer income.

City Property charges other DCC departments for work in preparing leases and the buying or selling of property on behalf.

Citifleet bills each department every month for the use of their vehicles.

The staff involved in looking after Community Housing (there’s about 6 in total, including maintenance staff) are funded entirely by rental revenue gathered from the city’s pensioners. The level of costs determines the cost of the rent. Remember the $20k annual charge per PC from the IT department and the charging for bathroom renovation building consents from Building Control ?

The Civic Centre building is rented by the DCC, to DCC departments, at standard CBD rental rates. Where does the money for that rental profit come from ?

The list goes on.


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DScene: Delta, STS, DCC larks

### DScene 26-8-09
Suite for some (page 1)
Stop The Stadium has lost another legal fight, but it’s still throwing punches. One target of the-cash strapped group is Delta Utilities spending on a corporate suite. See page 5.

Thank you (page 3)
By Dave Wood, acting editor
Dunedin councillor Richard Walls was heard to ask at a recent council meeting if D Scene was still going. The question illustrates the soundness of the move by the former mayor to immerse himself in a community blog to help his understanding of what is happening in Dunedin.

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New board appointed (page 4)
By Wilma McCorkindale
The new board of Dunedin Venues Management Ltd has been appointed by the Dunedin City Council and it’s top heavy with out-of-towners.

STS gunning for Delta (page 5)
By Michelle Sutton
The cash-strapped Stop The Stadium group has hit out at Dunedin City Council-owned Delta Utilities having a $500,000 corporate suite in the new stadium.

Counting the cost (page 5)
Construction costs for Dunedin’s new stadium are out, but court costs haven’t been tallied yet. The council and the Stop The Stadium group say they will release how much they spent fighting each other about the stadium in court.

Saying bye to the ‘Brook (page 6)
ORFU chief executive Richard Reid hopes to learn this week that Carisbrook has been given a Welsh farewell next year by hosting an All Blacks v Wales test. He talks to Michelle Sutton about saying goodbye to The House of Pain and most – but not all – of the union’s multi-million dollar debt.

Offices may move (page 8)
By Wilma McCorkindale
The word on George Street is Dunedin City Council offices might join the city’s library in the former Chief Post Office building.

(page 8)
Dunedin City Council property boss Robert Clark is declining to release the cost of a study into re-development of the Dunedin library into the Chief Post Office building.

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