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Jim Sullivan on DCC culture

On February 25, 2011, the DCC customer services manager, Grant Strang, purchased for $69.38 two books from Whitcoulls. They were charged to his DCC credit card. Both books are held at the Dunedin Public Library.

### ODT Online Mon, 15 Oct 2012
All will be revealed – it’s on the cards
By Jim Sullivan
OPINION For Dunedin journalists, given that the opportunities for being knocked off by a drug-crazed Afghan tribesman are limited, attempts at fearless investigative journalism usually involve an unflagging pursuit of information about credit card use by Dunedin City Council staff. The result is a shining beacon to those who espouse the cause of freedom of information. Recent revelations tell us much about the DCC culture and, while having the latte put on the DCC credit card is being rigorously stamped out by executive orders (the pun is irresistible), other examples of profligacy remain. The $1202 bill for a meal for delegates here for matters relating to the Chinese Garden certainly helps to explain the deficit facing the garden.
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● Jim Sullivan is a Dunedin writer and broadcaster.

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Chinese Garden, Acklin talks utter piffle

Grievous location. Deathly dull. Another DCC triumph… That applies to the venue and Acklin! If the garden was physically linked (see flow) to the redeveloped Otago Settlers Museum it might have had a fighting chance, but no. Turn the site back to parking for the museum. Cut the loss. There are better ways to honour the sister city relationship we enjoy with Shanghai.

Cr Acklin said it was always expected the garden would not make a profit, although he refused to describe that as a loss. “It can’t be seen as a loss. This was never going to make a profit.”

### ODT Online Wed, 8 Aug 2012
Falling numbers prompt shake-up
By Chris Morris
The Dunedin Chinese Garden could be in for a shake-up as visitor numbers continue to decline, leaving ratepayers to foot more of the bill. Figures released to the Otago Daily Times yesterday showed the number of visitors has plummeted since the garden opened four years ago, from 83,000 in the first year to just 28,000 in the 2011-12 year. The decline had contributed to annual budget shortfalls that have together cost ratepayers $1.02 million, due to a council agreement to cover operating costs unable to be met by the garden.
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Dunedin Chinese Garden

### ODT Online Sun, 6 Nov 2011
Damaged woodwork on entrance to be repaired
By Chris Morris
The Dunedin Chinese Garden’s ceremonial entrance is undergoing a “substantial” refit two years ahead of schedule, following the discovery of hairline cracks and other weather damage. Scaffolding began appearing around the Pai Lau ceremonial entrance yesterday and the six to eight-week project was expected to be under way next week.
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