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Otago Polytechnic-Metro Realty Charity House Auction

Picture this: your own section, clear and ready for construction work. The view you’ve always wanted, the location you’ve always dreamed of. Now if only you could make a home magically appear… and move your family right in.

The answer to your problem could arrive on the back of a truck by the local branch of Australasian company Fulton Hogan this November. A long-term sponsor of the Otago Polytechnic-Metro Realty Charity House Auction, the company provides $2000 towards transportation of the charity house to the successful bidder. It will be fitted and furnished and ready to welcome your family. Problem solved!

The Charity House Auction will be held on-site at the back of L Block, Anzac Ave Dunedin on November 20 at 2pm. Open homes are to be held throughout November and will be announced by Metro Realty as the date approaches.

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