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Toroa Radio archive: Bev Butler and Lee Vandervis

An audio gem, lest we forget…
Accept the stadium for our own good because Mr Farry, the Mayor and Councillors say so? Happy listening…

### Toroa Radio February 10, 2009
Community or Chaos – 2009-02-10 – Bev Butler and Lee Vandervis
Marvin Hubbard interviews President of Stop the Stadium Bev Butler and former Dunedin City councillor Lee Vandervis the day after the Dunedin City Council voted the stadium project through. (51 mins)

Toroa Radio 1575 kHz AM is Otago’s community access radio station, putting real people on air.

Access Internet Radio is an exciting collaboration amongst New Zealand’s Community Access Broadcasters to make their rich and diverse content available to the world.

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Community or Chaos: Marvin Hubbard presents an hour of informative discussion on various topics spanning from economics, politics and spirituality, to chats with local and touring musicians.

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