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Chin resuscitated on flight

Peter Chin [3news.co.nz] 1Yesterday I was contacted by news media asking if I could identify who the well-known “elderly gentleman” was that had experienced a heart attack on an Air New Zealand flight out of Dunedin. Being off social media for New Year’s Eve, otherwise occupied with a morning meeting and later, sun, good food and friends, news of the incident had escaped me. Idle speculation about town that it was Mayor Cull had been quickly dampened by media giving Daaave a call to check he was still breathing. Affirmative. 2015 is going to be a long year.

[note Bryant as spokesman….]

### ODT Online Thu, 1 Jan 2015
Peter Chin in hospital after mid-air drama
By Hamish McNeilly + NZME
Former Dunedin mayor Peter Chin is recovering in hospital after being revived by an Air New Zealand crew shortly after take-off, it has been confirmed. The 73-year-old collapsed on Flight NZ5032 from Dunedin to Wellington yesterday morning, prompting the flight to return to Dunedin just before noon following the mid-air incident. Mr Chin was “resting comfortably” in Dunedin Hospital, where his condition was being monitored.
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*Image: 3news.co.nz – Peter Chin (tweaked by whatifdunedin)


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ODT does a One April (how real news gets out)

“It is frustrating for traditional media doing their best to follow accepted guidelines and rules and laws to find them flagrantly breached, especially web-based and electronic media, without consequence. If action was taken – through the BSA, the Press Council or even the courts – there would be little cause to introduce new regulatory measures.”
ODT editorial on Controlling the media (1.4.13)

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