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Good Old Boy pushes waterfront stadium for Auckland *yawn

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### NZ Herald 5:00 AM Sunday Apr 30, 2017
Stunning stadium pitched for Auckland, sunken into waterfront
By Simon Plumb
Jaw-dropping concepts for an iconic new national stadium have been pitched to Auckland Council, proposing a state-of-the-art arena be submerged into the city’s waterfront. A portfolio of spectacular designs can be revealed from documents delivered to the office of Auckland Mayor Phil Goff last month. The Herald on Sunday has obtained them through the Local Government Official Information and Meeting Act [LGOIMA]. Dubbed The Crater, the idea centres on a subterranean multi-events venue, inverting conventional design by building below ground rather than above. Created by Auckland design and marketing figure Phil O’Reilly, three potentials factor in a core concept of a sunken bowl-type arena, as well as renderings of a roofed version. A third concept incorporates new cruise ship terminals that would flank the facility, although O’Reilly said the general idea could also work inland if the waterfront was dumped as a location. […] O’Reilly said as far as he is aware, the submerged venue would be the first of its kind anywhere in the world and was a chance for Auckland to build an iconic landmark that would be recognised the world over – but in keeping with Auckland’s natural volcanic landscape. […] Although not as large in scale, likely between 30,000-50,000 capacity, O’Reilly said a truly cutting-edge design could see the Kiwi venue punch way above its weight and become as recognised as some of the most famous on Earth.
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Don't forget your StS Bingo Card

At the meeting in the town hall tonight don’t forget to have a little fun while the doomeisters are predicting the end of the world as we know it.

Simple Rules.

Cross off a word ever time it is mentioned and of course first line and fill card wins.



And if you think, he’s being bloody facetious again, well yes I am, because for the simple fact that these are neither new voices, with I imagine little or nothing to add – $10 to the charity of your choice if Dr Hamiln basically stands up and say’s “told you so” or “investor entrapment” within 1 min. of the start of his speech.


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A letter a day, doesn't keep the wolves at bay

So the StS has reached a 1000 members, good on them. I hope they fail miserably and allow the other 119,000+ of us to enjoy the stadium. Continue reading

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