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Hotel We LIKE: Distinction Dunedin Hotel at former CPO

Reopening the former Chief Post Office building “marks a significant milestone for the restoration project, with more tenants, a three-level car park building and, eventually, the 120-apartment four-star-plus Distinction Dunedin Hotel, all to follow”. (ODT)

CPO Dunedin Chief Post Office 1930s [rootsweb.ancestry.com] re-imagedDunedin Chief Post Office (1930s)

### ODT Online Tue, 25 Mar 2014
Office workers light up CPO
By Chris Morris
The return today of a commercial tenant to Dunedin’s former chief post office building for the first time in more than 15 years marks a significant milestone in the restoration project. About 145 staff from Silver Fern Farms are expected to start work in their new headquarters – occupying the first two floors of the partially-restored building – this morning. It was the first time the building had been home to a permanent tenant since closing its doors in 1997, building owner Geoff Thomson, of Distinction Hotels, said.
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Dogged controversy.
Submissions in opposition to the proposed waterfront tower hotel at 41 Wharf Street (LUC 2012-212) make frequent mention of a preference to see the old Chief Post Office restored and in use as a city hotel in The Exchange.
Dull criticism from the anti-heritage brigade has often been cast at the old building’s owner for lack of speed in making the redevelopment happen.
Geoff Thomson, a canny and diligent man, has proceeded with the retrofit of this very large government architect-designed building at the pace he can afford in the up-down market he faces. Geoff Thomson deserves significant praise for his passion and perseverance in seeing the project through as well as attending to quality tenanting and leases.

[history and significance]
█ Heritage New Zealand (HNZ) registration report: List No. 2145 (Category II)

CPO reroof (May 2011). Gerard O'Brien [odt.co.nz]Photo: Gerard O’Brien – Reroof, May 2011

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*Images: rootsweb.ancestry.com – Dunedin Chief Post Office (1930s) re-imaged by whatifdunedin; odt.co.nz – Gerard O’Brien: CPO Reroof, May 2011 [screenshot]


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DVML: Burden heads to Christchurch #EntirelyPredictable

Updated 27.11.13
Uh-oh, Mr Burden is flitting the coop EARLY – 24 December. See comment.

“Darren will be with us for up to another six months as he serves out his notice period.

Darren Burden, DVML [odt.co.nz]### ODT Online Mon, 18 Nov 2013
Stadium boss resigns
By Chris Morris
The head of the company running Dunedin’s Forsyth Barr Stadium has resigned, and will instead help Christchurch rebuild its suite of venues, it has been confirmed. Dunedin Venues Management Ltd chief executive Darren Burden’s departure was confirmed in a media statement released this afternoon.
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Information received today

The following relates to the use of ratepayer funds by Carisbrook Stadium Charitable Trust (CSCT) to investigate options for Carisbrook (read marketing and project management spend).

Over $67,000 was spent just in the last 3 months of 2007 with one Auckland marketing business. Arrow International project management took $2.6+ million over the same 3 months.


This is Dunedin City Council’s breakdown of the CST costs in reply to a Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act (LGOIMA) request made by Bev Butler:

Investigation Costs Stadium LGOIMA (PDF, 112 KB)

The council response has been circulated to Councillors, with the addition of comments from Acting Chief Executive Athol Stephens, to give some context for the figures:

“From October 2006 to April 2009 there is nearly $17.4 million of expenditure. All of these costs are included in the total construction costs of the Stadium of $198m.

The pattern of expenditure starts with formation of the CSCT, development of the concept (mostly under Arrow International’s supervision), investigation by Horwath of the financial viability, peer reviews of the same, acquiring the land, marketing of the concept and applying for the district plan change to permit the activity.

From September/October 2008, design development begins in earnest. Design engineering and architectural firms such as Jasmax, HOK, Connell Wagner, Holmes Fire and Safety, SSDM (Sports Surface Design and Management), Rawlinsons, Hawkins and SKM (Sinclair Knight Mertz) and other smaller engineering and architectural firms begin to appear.

In March 2009 the Council decided that the feasibility of the project had been established and signed a constructuion contract with Hawkins Construction Limited on 27 April 2009. The list of expenses attached brings the Council, by and large, to the point where design, cost and operating viability has been established and actual construction can begin. All these costs have been included in in the total cost of the Stadium.

The Trust costs are salaries and wages, communications, advertising, events, commissions, legal services, consultant retainer expenses, marketing, sale campaigns, motor vehicle, travel and communication expenses. These expenses were advanced to CSCT in equal instalments against a council approved budget. Audit New Zealand carried out an audit of the expenditure approval processes.”

Two minute extracts were also provided to Councillors for background:

SC2200115511051716501 (PDF, 23 KB)
SC2200115511051716502 (PDF, 44 KB)

The information is in public domain.
Files and comments supplied by anonymous source.

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University stadium building (Phase 1)

### ODT Online Tue, 9 Nov 2010
University stadium building rises from the dust
By David Loughrey
The Oamaru stone-clad building is expected to house a new Unipol student gymnasium and recreation centre, the Foundation Studies language centre and foundation-year programme, and a cafe for staff, students and the public.
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University phase 1 building

### ODT Online Thu, 26 Aug 2010
Stadium Uni building not ready for Cup
By Allison Rudd
The University of Otago’s building at the Forsyth Barr Stadium will only be partially completed by next year’s Rugby World Cup. While the exterior would be finished by August, the month before the event starts, the internal fit-out was not expected to be completed until December, university property services stadium project manager Jamie Cargill said yesterday. That meant the building – which would house a new Unipol student gymnasium and recreation centre, the Foundation Studies language centre and foundation year programme, and a cafe for staff, students and the public – would look finished during the World Cup as interior work continued, he said.
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We understand the building doesn’t address the university’s Critical Space Plan, “an accelerated capital works programme valued at around $140 million”. “The plan was produced by the Property Services team in conjunction with the academic divisions to address the current and future space needs of staff and students.”

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Stadium project manager

### ODT Sat 8 Aug 2009 (page 5)
In brief: Ieremia stadium project manager

Newly appointed Arrow International director Lale Ieremia would assume direct control of the construction of the $188 million Forsyth Barr Stadium at University Plaza, it was announced yesterday.
Arrow is a Dunedin-based project management and construction company.
Arrow founding director Ron Anderson said Mr Ieremia joined the company in 1999 and had managed projects approaching $1 billion in value.
As well as overseeing the stadium construction, Mr Ieremia would also drive the company’s entry into future major projects.

This item is available in print and digital editions of the Otago Daily Times.

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Who? Arrow International Ltd

As Development Managers and Project Managers, Arrow has been at the vanguard of the Otago stadium development over the last two years.

“Dunedin City Council’s 17 March 2008 decision to give the new multi-purpose stadium the green light is a major step towards developing what will be the world’s first permanently enclosed grass playing field. It will also set the benchmark in terms of viewing standards, its multi-purpose nature and its integration of a university with the stadium.”

“We acknowledge an exceptional consultant team who share the vision and have accepted the challenge: HOK, Jasmax, SKM, Rawlinsons, Connell Wagner, Anderson Lloyd Lawyers, Holmes Fire & Safety, Beca, Sports Surface Design & Management, Acoustic Engineering Services, Context Urban Design, Rider Levett Bucknell, Davis Langdon, David Hamilton, Tonkin & Taylor, Horwarth HTL, PriceWaterhouse Coopers, The Marketing Bureau and Colmar Brunton.”


At Arrow we Plan, Manage and Build Capital Works Projects throughout Australasia and the Pacific.

Our focus is on the delivery of complex projects or projects with time, cost, or quality requirements beyond that normally achieved in the industry.

We deliver successful projects by combining our building skills with active design management, co-ordination of project drivers and respect for the clients’ feasibility.

Added to this is the essential ingredient for great projects – a great team.

* 10 Branches or area offices
* Over 200 staff
* Annual turnover over $200M
* Over 1,500 projects delivered
* ISO 9001, “Best Places to Work” 2005 & 2006
* Tertiary level ACC Health & Safety Procedures



100 Year Company
Our vision is to be the most outstanding company in the history of New Zealand’s construction industry.

Client Focus
When we use the word ‘Partner’, it is not lip service.
Real client focus starts with truly understanding the clients’ objectives, challenging those understandings and then driving the project team to achieve or better the outcomes.

A strong culture is not optional for success, it is essential.
Culture nurtures and guides the behaviours, attitude and energy of our Team, whether in remote sites or on the end of a phone. It is an essential part of ensuring the Arrow promise.

20% More Value
20% of value is lost from most projects.
The construction industry loses significant value through poor planning, poorly selected teams, lack of integration between feasibility / design / construction and lack of leadership. Arrow can address these factors. In spite of the concrete and steel outcomes, the construction industry is all about people. To get real success, the process must be led by people leaders.

We Are Our People
Arrow has a unique culture with a family atmosphere. It’s not a corporate machine.
Whether as Strategy Managers, Project Managers or Site Managers, Arrow people have been selected for their communication skills, honesty, energy and ability to lead. There may even be a touch of “mongrel” in there to break through some of the inertia that exists in the industry.


Arrow works with clients in four ways:

Project Delivery Partner
As Project Delivery Partner, we join the clients’ team at the project’s early stages and provide a single point of responsibility for the project delivery; integrating feasibility; design and construction. Contract formats include:

* Project and Construction Management
* Staged: Project Management & Guaranteed Maximum Price
* Design Build
* Alliancing

Strategy Management
Independently of our Project Delivery Team, Arrow provides a Strategy Management service that assesses and maximises a projects viability. Specific services include:

* Strategy Planning
* Value and Risk Management
* Feasibilities
* Needs and Market Analysis
* Due Diligence
* Development Reports

Project & Programme Management
In a pure project management role, Arrow uses its skills and awareness of both feasibilities and construction to drive the project to achieve clients’ objectives.

* Consultant Selection
* Design Management
* Value Engineering
* Risk Management
* Programming
* Procurement Strategies
* Project Leadership

Where Arrow is involved later in the design process, we offer the design awareness, client focus and accountability that is our trademark. Contract formats include:

* Construction Management
* Management Contracting
* P&G and Margin
* Design and Build
* Guaranteed Maximum Price



There is no single right project delivery approach. Each client and project needs to find an approach that optimises the risk and return position appropriate to it.

We tailor each project delivery process to find the risk and return balance suitable for that project.

We build teams that recognise and respect the unique contribution of all participants. We create an environment of transparency that in particular recognises the client’s right and need to directly influence design and have direct access to independent financial information.

The most important part of the project is the front end. The right team, with the right focus can add significant value to a project and give real certainty at the projects early stages.

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Plunket, 'Appeal will be withdrawn immediately'

### D Scene 25-2-09 (page 5)
And then there was one

Dunedin’s proposed $188 million stadium is about to dodge one of the two Environment Court appeals lodged against it this month. Chalmers Properties Ltd have lodged an appeal to the Environment Court through its Auckland-based lawyers. The appeal relates to a Dunedin City Council-initiated arterial route making way for the Awatea St stadium. However, Port Otago chief executive Geoff Plunket says the appeal will be withdrawn immediately.
{story continues}

Register to read D Scene online at http://fairfaxmedia.newspaperdirect.com/

### D Scene 25-2-09 (page 5)
‘A plan change appeal won’t hold up demolition work’ – Trust
Stadium start regardless

By Michelle Sutton

Opponents’ hopes that court appeals will stall work on Dunedin’s controversial megabucks stadium will come crashing down in June. Demolition work at the site will start regardless, according to the Carisbrook Stadium Trust.
{story continues}

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