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No Fanzone at Octagon

### ODT Online Sat, 22 Jan 2011
Octagon fan zone dropped
By Stu Oldham
Dunedin’s world cup fan zone might be shifted to the Forsyth Barr Stadium after the Dunedin City Council decided yesterday not to have it in the Octagon. Councillors yesterday dropped the $300,000 plan for a sanctioned central-city fan zone in favour of what they hope will be a cheaper option at the new stadium.
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DCC budget savings

Let’s start a list.

1. Get out of Jacks Point.

2. Remove all directors fees from Dunedin City Holdings Ltd.

A debt of gratitude is owed for 1. and 2.

The trick is to never mention the stadium in cost cutting rounds since it is a premium asset capable of many returns, we’re told.

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DCC Annual Plan 2011/12

### ODT Online Sat, 15 Jan 2011
Council may delay projects
By Chris Morris
Delaying major capital projects will again be considered by the Dunedin City Council next week, as part of a drive to reduce a 6.1% rates hike forecast for the next financial year.
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• Consent application: Category A: $862.50; Category B: $258.75.
• St Clair Salt Water Pool: Family season ticket up from $305 to $320.
• Cemeteries: Burial rights up from $1521 to $1688.
• Parking: One-month permit (except Octagon and George St to Albany St) up from $388 to $410.

• Wednesday: Councillors’ pre-draft annual plan workshop.
• Thursday-Friday: Public pre-draft annual plan meeting for debate and decisions (resuming January 31 if required).
• May 4-6: Public hearings (three days).
• May 11-12: Annual plan deliberations.
• June 7: Council considers annual plan recommendations.
• June 27: Council adopts annual plan; confirms rates for 2011-12.

### ODT Online Sat, 15 Jan 2011
Debt means ‘continued prudence’
By Stu Oldham
Dunedin city councillors sit down next week to grapple with the first year of a projected rates hump that will last the term of the present council. The elected representatives’ test will be to strike a balance between controlling spending – and therefore the burden on ratepayers – while guiding the city forward. Reporters Chris Morris and Stu Oldham examine the issues.
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DCC Budget (see items)

Council may raise rents
DCC to look at raft of fee increases for 2011-12
Cuts in library services, programmes proposed

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