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STS posts Injunction Appeal documents

Injunction Appeal documents supplied today:

STS Argument
DCC Submission
STS oral submission

• [DCC source file] Jim Harland and Athol Stephens Affidavits
• [Courts of New Zealand] Decision

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DCC and ORC affidavits + Walker précis

DCC’s spend on the stadium was $52+ million at March end…

### ODT Online Sat, 16 May 2009
Stadium affidavit details revealed
By David Loughrey

The main points of next month’s Forsyth Barr Stadium case in the High Court have been revealed in affidavits from the Dunedin city and Otago regional councils, and a précis of stadium opponent Basil Walker’s planned argument, as have details of the city council’s spending on the project.
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D Scene: Basil Walker's small victory

### D Scene 13-5-09 (page 3)
Lifting the lid
By Ryan Keen

[Basil Walker’s] challenge in the High Court at Dunedin has led to Dunedin City Council chief executive Jim Harland revealing in an affidavit the penalty clauses that exist in the so-called Guaranteed Maximum Price contract signed with Hawkins Construction.

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### D Scene 13-5-09 (page 6)
Otago Stadium: Construction contract fineprint revealed
Delays will sting
By Michelle Sutton

Otago’s stadium project faces a multimillion-dollar blowout if the looming June 1 construction deadline is missed, a High Court affidavit reveals.

Mr Harland’s affidavit was sworn at Dunedin on May 5, a day before [Basil] Walker sought an urgent interim injunction blocking ORC’s contribution claiming its processes were flawed.
{story continues}

### D Scene 13-5-09 (page 6)
Edgar’s warning

Stadium supporter and former longtime Dunedin-based businessman Eion Edgar warns rates could soar if the project doesn’t happen.
{story continues}

D Scene 13-5-09 (page 6)
DCC counsel Frazer Barton is sending a memorandum to the High Court for $12,000 to $13,000 of costs against Stop The Stadium.

Other stories:
Word of the Week: injunction (page 9)
Mr Generous isn’t slowing down: Ryan Keen interviews Eion Edgar and finds the sort of money he’s giving to the stadium (page 9)

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