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SH88 realignment – information

Comment received from daseditor
Submitted on 2012/05/26 at 8:18 pm

[24.5.12] Edmund Anscombe and the Anzac Avenue Trees

With your discussion of the alignment I hope you’ll also take the time to read the article above on the Anzac Avenue trees. The alignment construction looks as though it has severely affected a critical area of the city’s landscape heritage which is linked to the work of prominent architect Edmund Anscombe.

Images supplied by Anonymous*

The image dates relate to Google Earth snapshots: 2005 January, 2006 March, 2009 July, 2011 January, and 2011 September. 2004 is available but heavy cloud cover obscures the view.

SH88 – Google Earth images including the quarry and Logan Park sports field.

SH88 – The same images cropped to SH88 entry and exit points.

SH88 – The Google Maps image which marks the road.

*Several contributors at this website use the title Anonymous.

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Ryan Shaw outstanding aerial photographs of stadium

Local photographer Ryan Shaw’s portfolio has received a huge boost thanks to the friendly people @ForBarrStadium (DVML) and their photographer.


@tinopai Aerial photography #Dunedin #ForsythBarrStadium #Flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/47258825@N04/sets/72157624861876994/

@10PARK @tinopai tell me, how did you get a plane to the stadium aerials huh?

@tinopai @10PARK They saw my photos, showed their photographer & he liked them & then wanted to take me up :D Also going on site with him.

@10PARK @tinopai So brilliant – sorry if i missed tweets about this b4. V.pleased for ya. Who woulda thought ;DD

@tinopai @10PARK Thank you :) So happy!

@10PARK @tinopai Just to reiterate you’re so bloody good (what, I didn’t say that before, nah I meant the photos) :P

@tinopai @10PARK Thank you that means a lot! :)

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