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Non-arterial Riccarton Road : Brian Miller stirred by community board

ODT 28.5.16 (page 30)
ODT 28.5.16 Letter to editor Miller p30 (1)

ODT 17.5.16 (page 8)
ODT 17.5.16 Letter to editor Miller p8 (1)

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DCC Webmap - Riccarton Road East, Mosgiel JanFeb 2013DCC Webmap – Riccarton Road, Mosgiel JanFeb 2013

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DCC Transport Strategy and Riccarton Road

### ODT Online Tue, 3 Jun 2014
Transport strategy must respect personal needs
By Phil Cole
Dunedin has its own unique geographic, demographic and historical features that make any transportation planning in the city reliant on forward-thinking, rather than academic theoretical practices. The historical past of Dunedin’s transportation, however, should only be ignored at its peril. It is vitally important for Dunedin’s direction that any long-term transport planning is determined not by short-term populist ideas but by long-term growth, based on economic conditions, city development and people’s habits. It is equally important council land-use planning is closely aligned to, but does not determine, how the city can be rejuvenated.
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Riccarton Rd resident Brian Miller said the council was not trying to reach a fair and reasonable settlement and valuations were being forced on landowners.

### ODT Online Wed, 4 Jun 2014
Offers prepared for land
By Shawn McAvinue
The land needed to widen Riccarton Rd will be obtained by statutory authority if a mutual agreement can not be met, Dunedin City Council roading projects engineer Evan Matheson says. […] Some landowners were hesitant to make land available, he said.
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Continuing folly: Dunedin iSite visitor centre

### ODT Online Tue, 19 Apr 2011
New home for visitor centre
By David Loughrey
Dunedin’s iSite visitor centre is about to move, but it will not be returning to its old home in the Municipal Chambers. Its move to a new home at 26 Princes St, next door to its current position, will allow the city’s Community Gallery to move back to its original Princes St premises. A report to yesterday’s finance, strategy and development committee by assistant city property manager Rhonda Abercrombie said the cost of the move back to the Municipal Chambers would be up to $80,000.
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Reaction to another instance of unthinking ad-hocism from City Hall

Pragmatist hat fully clipped on and tied, I’m saying Mayor Daaave Cull is an alarmist and should be whipped. Page one news (see ODT Online link below, if you dare) is not Daaave Cull at his intelligent best.

What? His council doesn’t know of other buildings in a similar condition to the Barron Building (it’s true there are none so strapped and nudged by its owners, engineers and insurers to collapse under a bulldozer ‘tomorrow’).

So. DCC doesn’t know about Prista Apartments Ltd (372-392 Princes St and 11 Stafford St)? Funny that, DCC issued a work order on 386 Princes St as a direct consequence of submissions made at recent Resource Consent hearings. Funny again, DCC doesn’t know it is the Respondent to an Appeal to the Environment Court by New Zealand Historic Places Trust, in regard to the Resource Consent granted to Prista Apartments Ltd. And funnier, DCC doesn’t know about the Dangerous Building, the old Education Board/AH Reed building on the corner of Crawford and Jetty Sts…. so that wasn’t DCC-initiated safety tape around it?
Oh. I see.

We know nothing! And we have council officers and managers that know nothing! We can’t possibly know anything!
(And this a university town. Shock horror. Alarmism.)

The elected arm of Dunedin City Council, at least, might be expected to know a little of something that doesn’t immediately POSE AN IGNORANT AND ALARMIST THREAT to the fabric of this city, much of which lies in private investment hands.

Daaave, your words inflame and polarise and give little ground for negotiation. You can’t ad-lib on behalf of something WE own and you don’t, and that’s Dunedin’s future.

So ruck off, eat a cupcake, get a sugar load. Because we are very rational and considered, it is WE who will deliver community solutions in sight of legislative change and compulsions.

Do not talk crap. Listen and learn, Daaave.
In other words, smarten the hell up.


The lessons from Christchurch will require re-examination of construction policies in every city and town in the country. In Dunedin, that must surely include existing building standards and compliance codes; whether the district plan should continue to allow construction on land likely to be subject to liquefaction and, if so, the degree of protection required; the provision, location and design of services; and, surely, the future of many of our heritage buildings. None are insurmountable challenges, but they are challenges and have to be faced.

### ODT Online Fri, 4 Mar 2011
Editorial: Re-examining our building codes
Based on seismic data and historical records, New Zealand experiences about 300 – on average – 4 to 4.9 magnitude earthquakes every year, and an average of two magnitude 6 to 6.9 a year. As we have so tragically discovered, earthquakes of these magnitudes can kill and will damage and destroy many man-made structures.
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The authors of What if? regretfully note the website template can’t and won’t drop the following news item down into very fine illegible print.

### ODT Online Fri, 4 Mar 2011
Cull: stark choice over quake plan
By David Loughrey
Dunedin faces a stark choice when it puts in place a policy this year to prepare the city for earthquakes – accept the fact many buildings may not fare well in a quake, or agree to widespread demolition of the city’s heritage architecture.
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