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Jeff Dickie thanks Mr Orders for trying (unabridged)


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From: Jeff Dickie
To: Elizabeth Kerr
Sent: Thursday, November 14, 2013 1:24 PM
Subject: Fw: Paul Orders thank you for trying

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From: Jeff Dickie
To: editor@odt.co.nz
Sent: Tuesday, 5 November 2013 6:55 PM
Subject: Paul Orders thank you for trying

I for one, feel very sad at the impending departure of CEO Paul Orders. His policy of openness and being willing to meet citizens has been in marked contrast to the Bejing style of the Chin/Harland Dynasty. Added to this is the impending day of reckoning for Dunedin’s debt crisis, which worryingly our current mayor seems to think he’s sorted! It would have been helpful to have had someone of Orders’ calibre at the top in city hall.

I have met with Mr Orders on more than one occasion and have had ongoing communications regarding DCC spending, with particular regard to the logic of council owning investment property, and to providing ratepayers with an honest assessment of stadium costs. Partly as a result of these communications, an extra $42 M has been identified, with the official total now a massive $266 M and rising. Also the bogus $66 per annum based figure has now been removed from our rates bills. That was nothing short of dishonest misrepresentation and the DCC could be sued for this.

The latest official tally makes a nonsense of the DCC funded audit that had $224 M as the stadium cost. The audit was a complete waste of further ratepayers’ money. During this period Mr Orders had used his best endeavours to come up with an honest assessment. It is quite apparent to me his voice has been almost alone in council. It is hard to know whether the lack of transparency is deliberate or just incompetence!

Like many others, I wish to thank Paul Orders for his efforts in attempting to reform a feral rogue council that has continued to embrace numerous expensive and foolish projects. I am sure when he applied for the CEO’s position, he had no idea of the mess he would face in Dunedin. It was a “tall order”, trying to run a city with a group that would struggle to run a hotdog stand in the Octagon! The talent has been pretty thin around the DCC table and we can’t blame him for leaving. The recent election results confirms the adage, “voters get the politicians they deserve”. Thank you for trying Mr Orders.



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