Aurora Energy struggles to proofread #FastTrackPoleProgramme

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The ‘free’ publication didn’t arrive in letter boxes at lower Pitt St, Dunedin – some householders receive official mail through post slots in their front doors. Don’t tell me the mail distributors for Aurora – god, like Allied Press – refuse to deliver to door slots off the street (in clear safe public view) due to [their] perceived Health and Safety risks…. greater than dangerous poles ? [Unlike NZ Post, DX Mail and other Couriers who provide efficient direct service.]


[Old stats, who would guess Aurora’s in such a financial and corporate mess?]

Aurora Energy is an electricity distribution company in Otago, New Zealand. Aurora Energy is owned by Dunedin City Holdings Limited on behalf on the Dunedin City Council. Aurora Energy is New Zealand’s sixth largest electricity distributor. Wikipedia

Formerly called: Dunedin Electricity Limited (1990-2003)
Industry: Energy
Predecessor: Waipori Falls Hydroelectric Company Ltd
Founded: June 26, 1990 in Dunedin, New Zealand
Headquarters: Dunedin, New Zealand
Key people:
– Grady Cameron (CEO)
– Stephen Thompson (Chairman) [previously, Ian Parton]
Revenue: $99.5 Million USD (2015)
Net income: $8.1 Million USD (2015)
Total assets: $413.9 Million USD
Total equity: $182.55 Million USD (2015)
Owner: Dunedin City Council
Parent organisation: Dunedin City Holdings Limited

Fast Track:


Helterskelter Delta, solidly joined at Aurora’ hip, writes an open letter at page 3 of today’s ODT:

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Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

This post is offered in the public interest.


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24 responses to “Aurora Energy struggles to proofread #FastTrackPoleProgramme

  1. Elizabeth

    If due to pole replacements your power is off at home… take someone out to somewhere warm

    Macklemore LLC Published on Jul 6, 2017
    Macklemore feat Skylar Grey – Glorious (Official Music Video)
    Directed by Jason Koenig | Starring Helen Schott & Ben Haggerty

  2. Elizabeth

    But wait…. ohhhh, thanks Aurora

    At Facebook:

  3. A

    Well. We got the letter. Power will be disconnected Monday 10 from 9.30 to 3.30. Only, the power stayed on. Two possibilities: the power was not disconnected (there were no linesmen working outside), or

    Our dwelling is like The Lake House, and we are here two years ago.

  4. Elizabeth

    The shame-bolic reply to Bill Sykes’ letter to the ODT editor today is hard to fathom. No grip on finance and economics.

    I’m not meaning Mr Sykes.

    Rather, Mr Sykes is incredibly close to the truth, as close as anyone can be. After all, the public is perpetually caught up in the non transparency put out by the ‘esteemed’! institution and its wicked venal boys.

    Wait until the Commerce Commission finishes off the numbskulls responsible for the Otago power network’s final obliteration…. Goodbye the shreds of our [not] safe and secure local supply…. dangerous poles are not the problem. They’re smoke, not the fire.

    Someone appears to not read NBR or Commerce Commission reports.

    The steep dive to ignominy.

    ODT 11.7.17 (page 6)

    [click to enlarge]

  5. Elizabeth

    Then again, the voice from above should be defending the ratepayers and residents from morally and fiscally repugnant “make money schemes” run by the Good Old Boys – and those of the [shriek] graduate/postgrad underqualifieds from the ecole d’ivy now at certy hall for civil service legitimacy and instant large-pay gratification to pare back their student loans. Tragically, all of this goes unpoliced by rank amateur elected representatives, they too whom feed at trough willynilly and know not a good day’s work, not if they fell over it or had a tree fall on them at their farm.

    ODT 6.7.17 Letters to editor Oaten Mackay (page 12)

    ODT 8.7.17 Letters to editor Campbell Leckie (page 30)

    Yes, it is all connected.
    NOBODY is watching over and protecting OUR MONEY.

    • Hype O'Thermia

      Weren’t there concerts at Carisbrook? The number of “superstars” with “stadium rock” shows has increased – well, the number that actually include NZ in their tours has, so comparison with Carisbrook is a bit difficult, particularly as the Fubar Stadium went so long with barely a tuba-player with dancing mum & maiden aunts showing willing to perform there, not when sound quality (lack of) was known.
      But I’m sure I remember concerts having been held at Carisbrook. Memories, anyone?

      • Elizabeth

        Joe Cocker, Jimmy Barnes and others

        See Wikipedia: Carisbrook
        Carisbrook (sometimes incorrectly referred to as Carisbrook Stadium) was a major sporting venue in Dunedin, New Zealand. The city’s main domestic and international rugby union venue, it was also used for other sports such as cricket, football, rugby league and motocross. Carisbrook also hosted a Joe Cocker concert and frequently hosted pre-game concerts before rugby matches in the 1990s. In 2011 Carisbrook was closed, and was replaced by Forsyth Barr Stadium at University Plaza in North Dunedin.

  6. Calvin Oaten

    I feel it only proper to advise that in my original letter I made mention of the fact that the Stadium costs were determined by independent people from outside council to be not $165million, not the original “Not a penny more than $186million”, but either some $225 to $227 million when completed, and did not cover one cent of ‘Private Funding’.
    That is, sufficient redactions by the ODT to leave the situation in limbo, where it suited the CEO to have it. In a word, nonsense.
    I asked the questions seeking the truth, but alas it is not to be had.

    • Elizabeth

      You, Bev and particularly JimmyJones already have the figures you need which ODT and DCC combined refuse to agree with. But ask Paul Orders, hiding (publicly) at Cardiff City what he really thinks after the PwC investigation and what he was really told behind scenes…

      Oh. But don’t worry, Calvin.
      Another $6million hitherto unpublished stadium cost has come to light (news of this reached me two weeks ago) – I’m tracking into it. More to tell, one day…..

  7. Elizabeth

    N O T E

    Aurora has announced that all planned outages are cancelled for tomorrow Thursday. (via Channel 39 News)

    A decision will be made by Aurora tomorrow regarding if planned outages should also be cancelled on Friday due to the severity of the cold weather.

    █ More at



    At Facebook:

    Wed, 12 Jul 2017
    ODT: Homes without power in Queenstown
    By Eileen Goodwin
    Dozens of homes were without power late on Wednesday night in parts of Queenstown. An Aurora Energy spokeswoman said the lines company was responding to two separate faults, one affecting Dalefield and Arthurs Point, and one affecting Fernhill. The outages were unrelated. “Aurora Energy can confirm that 55 electricity customers have been affected in the Dalefield and Arthurs Point areas.” Cont/

  8. Elizabeth

    Thu, 13 Jul 2017
    ODT: ‘Cable fault’ under investigation
    By Tracey Roxburgh
    Powernet is investigating the cause of a “cable fault” which left close to 800 Wakatipu households without power on Tuesday night. A company spokeswoman said a total of 781 customers were variously affected between 6.09pm and 10.03pm as temperatures plummeted and snow started falling in the resort. The customers were located in Remarkables Park, Five Mile, Glenda Dr and the Shotover Country subdivision, all on the Electricity South Island network. The Kawarau Bridge, near Kelvin Heights, was also affected.
    ….Another 52 customers were without power for most of the day after a car hit a power pole at Kelvin Heights. Aurora Energy marketing and communications manager Amelia Currier said power was cut just after 8.20am. It was restored at 3.15pm. Cont/

  9. Calvin Oaten

    {Calvin’s letter was unsuccessfully submitted to ODT as reply to the DCC chief executive’s response to his first letter, concerning the viability of the Forsyth Barr Stadium. Moderated here for legal reasons. -Eds}


    DCC CEO Sue Bidrose in her answers (ODT 6.7.17) to some of the questions in my letter were selective, ambiguous. The main point she made was that the Stadium had over the last six years resulted in economic benefits to the city of $165million. This she claimed was equal to the cost to the DCC Ratepayers for the construction of the Forsyth Barr Stadium. Now that is weird, as it was she who initiated the inquiry into the matter of the true cost as the facts were impossible to determine without an independent view. This came out at between $225-$227 million, considerably more than her latest figure of $165million, which of course was much more than Malcolm Farry’s “Not a penny more than $188million” at commencement.

    [The chief executive] ignores the fact that $227million could have been saved by not building the Stadium. That Carisbrook belonged to the ORFU and though it was difficult for them to upgrade the premises, it was not the ratepayers’ problem. It most certainly is now.

    This even discounts the fact that there had been some $66-$70million injected into the finances by DCC owned company Aurora by way of ‘subvention payments’ towards the debt servicing of the Stadium. Not mentioned. Then there is the facts of the purchase of Carisbrook for $7.5million with ultimately a sale at the figure of $3.5million, a loss of $4million; nor acknowledging the fact that Carisbrook had a capacity of some 40,000 compared with 26,000 of the Stadium. No mention of any of these facts either. She [instead] relates to the concerts held which were largely attended by the citizens, so where is the economic factor there? Those concerts could have been held at Carisbrook anyway, outdoors as they are everywhere else.

    There is obviously much more involved, like the rent set for DVML to DVL of $4million towards debt servicing; this has since been reduced to $2million with the other $2million being made up directly by the ratepayers. None of this is acknowledged in her reply either, simply this fanciful figure of $165million of economic return to the city. The fact that DVML consistently loses some $3.5million per year on its trading exercises seems to be lost as well. Yet it is well documented in the annual accounts of DVML.

    The whole Stadium is a “cancer” in the finances of the city.

  10. Elizabeth

    Thu, 13 Jul 2017
    ODT: Planned power cuts to resume
    Aurora will resume its planned power cuts after delaying their plans over the last couple of days due to severe weather. Aurora said it had reviewed its schedule for the outages and would resume their work from Friday as the bad weather headed north. Cont/

  11. Elizabeth

    Aurora, no notice and shoddy work!

    Fri, 14 Jul 2017
    ODT: warning before pole on property
    By Pam Jones
    Aurora Energy has issued another apology over power pole replacement work done near Alexandra on Monday, after a new power pole was installed on a man’s property without his knowledge. Aurora had already apologised to 123 Letts Gully Rd residents when a technical issue meant they had not been told of a six-hour power outage on Monday in freezing weather. Clive Cullen, who lives on Letts Gully Rd, said as well as not knowing about Monday’s power outage, he had not been told of the power pole replacement that day on his property. He arrived home to find the new power pole, a fence that had been broken by the work and a pile of dirt about 1.5m in diameter and 45cm high. Cont/

    ● Any property owners who believe there has been damage to their property as a result of work near their properties can contact Aurora on 0800 220005.

    ● Various power outages planned throughout Otago for today, yesterday and on Tuesday because of Aurora’s power pole replacement programme, including another two in Letts Gully Rd, were cancelled because of extreme weather conditions. For an update of power outages go to

  12. Hype O'Thermia

    They didn’t run over his dog or run off with his woman did they? Aurora will have to try harder if they want a country song written about them.

  13. Mike

    Speaking of auroras and notice we may well get a massive aurora Mon/Tue nights

    • Elizabeth

      Great, thanks Mike.
      Lots of Dunedin it’s have yet to watch an Aurora. Without a secure power supply Aurora will eventually let us see more of the sky phenomena!

  14. Gurglars

    Ah Elizabeth, I now see why the DCC is supporting the no lights concept. It wil neatly fit into the scenario that is actually happening. We will have no lights and you vill like it.

    It’s amazing to what lengths spin doctors will go.

  15. Elizabeth

    WorkSafe proves it doesn’t give a shit about worker or public safety. No prosecutions. Meaning somebody got to WorkSafe, who were already limpwristed f****. Maybe WorkSafe and Aurora should be sued.

    Tuesday, 1 August 2017
    ODT: Report details Aurora failings
    By Vaughan Elder
    A WorkSafe audit of Aurora Energy has confirmed fears its power poles were unsafe. The WorkSafe audit, which was released to the Otago Daily Times under the Official Information Act, also found inadequate testing of poles meant some unsafe poles may not have been tagged. […] The audit resulted in WorkSafe issuing a list of instructions to the Dunedin City Council-owned lines company for how it should carry out its fast-track pole replacement programme in a way which ensures worker and public safety. […] Worksafe said it carried out the audit  — written by Energy Safety technical officer Roy Butler — in response to “media attention regarding concerns of the unsafe condition of power poles on the Aurora network”. What it found backed up many of the concerns raised by former Delta workers and members of the public. Cont/

    • Hype O'Thermia

      Isn’t that horrifying! Exposing their own workers, as well as all people “in the wrong place at the wrong time” to danger on that scale!

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