Emirates Team New Zealand must WIN #AmericasCup2017

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35th America’s Cup match
Race 7: Emirates Team New Zealand beat Oracle Team USA by 12 secs
Race 8: Emirates Team New Zealand beat Oracle Team USA
Team New Zealand lead the first-to-seven series 6-1

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Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

This post is offered inthe public interest.

*Image: 24/06/2017 – Bermuda (BDA) – 35th America’s Cup 2017 – 35th America’s Cup Match Presented by Louis Vuitton – © ACEA 2017 / Photo Sander van der Borch


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26 responses to “Emirates Team New Zealand must WIN #AmericasCup2017

  1. Elizabeth

    ODT reports:

    Team New Zealand wins America’s Cup
    Team New Zealand has lifted the America’s Cup from Oracle Team USA with a thrilling win off Bermuda this morning.
    Needing just one more win in the first-to-seven format challenge match, the Kiwis made no mistake in race one this morning […] The crew celebrated – with Emirates Team New Zealand skipper Peter Burling saying “we’re on top of ther world” – after racing to victory.


    Spithill close to tears after loss
    Oracle Team USA skipper Jimmy Spithill has been humble in defeat following a crushing 7-1 loss to team New Zealand in the America’s Cup today. The Australian was very emotional after losing his defense of the Auld Mug when Peter Burling led Team New Zealand to a victory in race nine this morning.

  2. Kleinefeldmaus

    Well it’s done. No more chewing fingers for a while – Celebrations all over NZ but here at Ravensbourne Yacht Club it’s got to be special – even though Russell Coutts wasn’t sailing this time! Here’s my bob’s worth anyway.

  3. Elizabeth

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  4. Elizabeth

    RNZ Published on Jun 26, 2017
    Team NZ wins America’s Cup: RNZ Checkpoint
    Team New Zealand has won the America’s Cup, putting it back in New Zealand hands, and soon in the country itself, for the first time in 14 years. Todd Niall reports from Bermuda.

    RNZ Published on Jun 26, 2017
    Team NZ brings America’s Cup home: RNZ Checkpoint
    New Zealand has won the America’s Cup, almost white-washing Oracle Team USA with a revolutionary boat, a team of cyclors and a new superstar sailor.

    Yachting World Published on Jun 26, 2017
    Grant Dalton and Peter Burling talk after winning 35th America’s Cup
    Watch the final seconds of Emirates Team New Zealand’s America’s Cup winning race, and interviews with Peter Burling and Grant Dalton

    RNZ Published on Jun 26, 2017
    Peter Burling on winning the America’s Cup: RNZ Checkpoint
    At 26, Peter Burling is the youngest winning helmsman in the 166 year history of the America’s Cup. The Olympic sailor and gold medal winning skipper – and now America’s Cup winner, talks to John Campbell.

    RNZ Published on Jun 26, 2017
    Kiwis rise early to celebrate Team NZ victory: RNZ Checkpoint
    Yacht clubs around the country opened their doors to the public this morning, so Team New Zealand fans could watch the match live. Checkpoint reporter Zac Fleming was among them.

    RNZ Published on Jun 26, 2017
    Cheers & sighs of relief ring out around NZ: RNZ Checkpoint
    Cheers and sighs of relief rang out around the country as New Zealand eyes the benefits of hosting the next America’s Cup.

    RNZ Published on Jun 26, 2017
    Team NZ’s use of cyclists was ‘significant’ Todd Niall: RNZ Checkpoint
    RNZ reporter Todd Niall has been in Bermuda since the America’s Cup competition began. He told John Campbell what it was like to be there when Team New Zealand won.

    RNZ Published on Jun 26, 2017
    Team NZ cycled their way to victory: RNZ Checkpoint
    Four cycle grinders peddled so hard to secure the America’s Cup, that Simon Van Velthooven had a pulse rate of 190. His father Paul joins Checkpoint.


    RNZ Published on Jun 25, 2017
    Team NZ on brink of America’s Cup victory in Bermuda: RNZ Checkpoint
    Team New Zealand lead Oracle six races to one in the seven race contest. It’s been 14 years since Team NZ last held the cup, and they’re confident they can do it again.

  5. Elizabeth

    Tue, 27 Jun 2017
    ODT: Kiwi plan brings America’s Cup revenge
    Emirates Team New Zealand’s successful plan to regain the America’s Cup started as soon as they had lost in devastating fashion to Oracle Team USA in San Francisco in 2013. The New Zealand team had been highly secretive about their activities during the campaign to win the 35th America’s Cup in Bermuda but opened up after clinching the “Auld Mug” this morning (NZ time), winning 7 races to Oracle’s 1. “After San Francisco, we had a pretty brutal debrief,” the team’s chief executive Grant Dalton told reporters after lifting the trophy. That resulted in a 20-point plan focused on what the team, which is part government-funded alongside sponsorship from Emirates, Toyota and wealthy benefactors, had to do differently. Key among them was the need to “invest in technology on a pretty limited budget”, an emotional Dalton, who is known by the rest of the team as “Dalts”, revealed. Cont/

  6. Rob Hamlin

    It is hard not to smile at Auckland’s current predicament. It has been noted many times before on this site that yuppie flats and latte bars and bureaucrats’ offices can be built anywhere, and that it is therefore not particularly wise to build them in the very restricted flat areas that adjoin deep water moorings in the middle of cites – Dunedin included.

    These areas are where they are because major cities grow up next to these flat sites next to deep water moorings, not the other way around. Just take a look at a map of New Zealand.

    Such areas are potentially vital, restricted and irreplaceable, and thus any activity that does not directly require these features should not be allowed to establish long term occupancy upon them to any significant degree. This applies even if the areas are ‘unpicturesque’ or ‘not fully financially exploited at the present time’. One never knows when a significant economic purpose may come up for which these areas and these areas alone can cater to.

    Yuppie flats and latte bars bureaucrats’ offices don’t contribute much long term to the community that they adjoin, and they can easily be built elsewhere – despite the repeated demands made by ‘Wanabee Wanakees’ and publicly funded CEO’s who want an executive view to open up long term occupancy of these specific areas in Dunedin to such development.

    Of course anybody in this town who takes this position is roundly derided by those Wanabee Wanakees and publicly funded CEOs who wish to build yuppie flats latte bars and plush suites all over them as ‘non business friendly’.

    So the Americas Cup returns to New Zealand – with all of its economic spin offs for the community within which it will take place. But will that place be Auckland?. One would have assumed so, but apparently maybe not …because…guess what …since 2003 they have built expensive and immovable yuppie flats and latte bars all over all the irreplaceable flat sites that adjoin their deep water moorings!

    You would have to have a heart of stone not to laugh….

    …Not that Dunedin’s rulers will learn anything from it of course. Expect to hear again from the next public or private wanabee wanakee or wantobee tekapee on this very matter sometime soon.

  7. Elizabeth

    Despite local government (Super City pressures), and if you already own your house or apartment, Auckland is a pretty cool place to live – I adore it. (OK, mine’s a single vote, this after living in some of the most expensive real estate at various addresses for 10 years as a strategic way to engage and ‘design’ my knowledge of the city’s charms and potential).

    The harbour is quintessentially beautiful. The port authority’s plans for further development at the central city harbour edge hasn’t been for a one-off regatta, and mixing industrial shipping with cruise liners is fraught for provision of costly welcome facilities…. then too, waterfront housing, accommodation and hotels with hospitality and amenity space is what ‘mobile’ people want and, actually, they really should have it – for their day-to-day living in the sun, indeed with award winning landscape architecture now pulling greater steam.

    New Zealand’s America’s Cup challenge will be catered for and, typically, creatively – wherever – with the potential for long term benefits to our community – industry growth, employment, infrastructure and ripping good times. Whether we win or lose. Thank god for yachting at the sharp end.


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  8. Gurglars

    Well said Elizabeth.

    The Doctors Point Yacht Club are considering their options for the New Zealand challenge. Those foil yachts don’t need much water and don’t like big waves, so Dunedin Harbour and Lake Warrington loom large in local Dunedin thinking.

    Development of the Wharf area into challenger bunkers and coffee shops and bars along the lines of the viaduct basin are being considered.

    Global Warming means that Bermuda type temperatures are likely and sea level rise means that Lake Warrington will be deep enough even at low tide.

    The council are providing new housing for South Dunedin and that area will be given protected status for boat builders, sail manufacturers and graphite formulation. Spokes will provide free training lessons for young grinders and also bicycle development is expected to drive the boats.

    The council, through Delta will provide $100 million for the challenge and flow on benefits from the technological advances are expected to solve a few pesky problems. The word is that there won’t be any mudtanks and the saving in mudtank cleaning even though the cleaning contract will still be paid will offset any costs of pole replacement.

    So get in behind Dunedin, your council has demonstrated its commercial ability and this is a Once in a lifetime opportunity for Dave Cull the mayor to glow in the limelight.

    • Warrington Wobbler

      A resource consent has been received to build a 23-floor highrise hotel on 15 ha of the Warrington Flats that have preciously been the home of a rare breed called freedom campers. Architect I.R.A.Dick who is responsible for the design of the hotel said, “The roof of the hotel will have a wind farm incorporated to produce all electricity, and being a farm will meet council requirements to build on rural land. The hotel basement would be a floating basement to allow cup holders to park their yachts, with direct access to all floors. This will enable them to cull out unwanted visitors.” Support has come from as far away as Wanaka, were a voice that had been thought to be extinct, was heard to say: “Build it and they will come.”

  9. Elizabeth

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  10. Gurglars

    That’s (above) not the lone voice from Wanaka.

    In actual fact the lone voice came from a subdivided property in Tarras.

    I think the hotel on the Warrington domain is a goer.

    There’s a cheese factory, an egg factory producing more eggs than anywhere else, a fishing fleet, a couple of empty hospitals, cocklebeds, pipis and a Doctor.

    Seems like a much more sensible place to build a hotel and there is one big advantage, the DCC has not got its hairy armpit anywhere near the deal.

  11. Elizabeth

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  12. Elizabeth

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  13. Elizabeth

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  14. Elizabeth

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    and then…..

  15. Gurglars

    Very good cartoonist!

  16. Elizabeth

    If you take a look at his public domain Twitter account https://twitter.com/rodemmerson (@rodemmerson) across all of his political cartoon production he is outstanding –technically graphically superior to anything else we see in New Zealand via print or online.

  17. Elizabeth

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  18. Elizabeth

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    Usual parade route – starting outside the Dental School on Great King St, proceeding via Frederick St into George St and along to the Octagon where no doubt the poor Mayor will have to speak in the seering ice southerly (if not sunning himself in China).

  19. Gurglars

    Are they burning a Russell Coutts effigy?

    Or an internal voice keeps saying

    An Aurora identity?

  20. Elizabeth

    At Facebook:

  21. Elizabeth

    At Facebook:

    Thu, 13 Jul 2017
    ODT: Thousands turn out in Dunedin for Cup heroes
    Thousands lined the streets as the victorious America’s Cup team made its way through a slightly drizzly central Dunedin this lunchtime. Crowds cheered as the team took the stage in the Octagon and Dunedin Mayor Dave Cull welcomed Emirates Team New Zealand to the South. Manager of Emirates Team New Zealand, Grant Dalton thanked Dunedin for turning out for them. “You are amazing . . . I don’t think I’ve heard as much noise as I have here,” he said. “At the heart of it we’re just so incredibly proud to be New Zealanders. Thank you!” The event ended with a short music video with highlights of the team’s Cup winning races in Bermuda, to the song Humming Along. Cont/ [+ Video]

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  22. Elizabeth

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  23. Elizabeth

    ### idealog.co.nz 13 Jul 2017
    Idealog Design
    How to transform Auckland’s CBD for the America’s Cup: Architects weigh in
    By Elly Strang
    With the champagne no longer flowing and the celebrations winding down, the time has come to seriously consider Auckland’s prospects as the host city of the next America’s Cup. What needs to be done to its design to ensure the CBD is an exciting, innovative space for visitors to flock to from the world over? We reached out to several architecture and design firms to see if they had any ideas up their sleeve.
    In the America’s Cup just been, experts estimate the tiny island of Bermuda forked out around $77 million to get its surroundings up to standard for such an event. A similar investment into Auckland’s infrastructure and urban design will need to be made, should it host the next Cup (and most are certain it will), but both the Government and Auckland Council have been frank about the high costs involved with putting on such an event.
    Read more + Visuals

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